Tibet, color is the memory that lets a person cannot forget. The colors of Tibet are simple and intense. Transparent blue, holy white, energetic red, holy yellow, silent green, full green… Will make you dizzy.

Many times, the word azure is abused, but the sky in Tibet is azure blue. The blue is deeper, more even, quieter and clearer than usual. Blue is the background color of Tibet. Such a blue, is flawless, pure and clear blue, with it as the background color, the clouds are whiter, the sky is lower, the people are smaller, the heart is broader. Walking under the breathtaking blue sky of Tibet, people often forget themselves. The scenery in their eyes takes away all their thoughts.

In Tibet, snow mountains are gods worshipped by people, and many snow mountains have beautiful legends. White is the color of snow mountains, the most holy color. Tibetans have a tradition of worshiping white culture since ancient times. They believe that white and flawless can best express and symbolize people’s sincere and pure wishes. Therefore, hada is usually white. We can see the white hada in the mountains, in buddhist temples, on the thousand-year-old trees and in the houses of Tibetan families. Hada wraps around the earth and flutters in the sky. The blooming clouds are like hada’s wishful net woven in the sky. Sometimes they are like flowers, white and spotless, and sometimes they are like a hada made of gauze around the mountains. There are blue sky, there will be white clouds in full bloom, there will be floating hada. You will be surrounded by this sacred white, let you for this pure, sincere and moved.

Red is dazzling and sacred in Tibet. No matter it is the saffron robe worn by monks, the red wall of potala palace built with sacred willows, or the Tibetan robes worn by Tibetan girls mainly in red, people always feel a kind of solid beauty, which makes people linger. Standing in the grand, quiet and peaceful potala palace, I stepped on the red wooden floor, held on to the red stairs, and saw the monks in red cassocks and butter lamps. You will be wrapped in the red, surrounded by a rich and pleasant sound like red. Standing at the top of the platform, look up, see is red and white walls and blue sky, and red here is so full of vitality, it is a kind of only life will have the vitality, she is like the flame of the passion of life in the snow plateau to burn.

Golden yellow in Tibet is the color of sunshine and Buddha. It is sacred and inviolable. Gold is a kind of respect, is also a kind of sustenance, is a kind of light, this kind of light can shine the earth, can save all beings, she is the color of god, but also the color of people.

The colors of Tibet always make people feel sacred, always make them sacred…

Very close to the sky, there are towering snow mountains, sacred lakes, brightly dressed Tibetan people shaking their prayer tubes on the way to budala pilgrimage.