Everyone says that Tibet is a pure land of soul, a paradise of beauty, and a tranquil place of independence.

The vast land of the motherland, although there is only one Tibet, but there is more than Tibet “Tibet” place!

There are spring wilderness, summer flower sea, autumn shadow, winter vast

It is the furthest distance from the earth, and it can satisfy everyone’s imagination of Tibet, sacred mountains, holy lakes, grasslands and beliefs

There is a pure water heaven on earth, there are suffocating and possessed beauty, is a mysterious place to people.

It is ganzi, with a heart to let a person even in turmoil can also gradually quiet magic.

People who have been to say: all ganzi, why Tibet! Because here it is:

Scenic Spot of Daocheng Yading

Scenic Spot of Daocheng Yading has the purest color, green, blue, white…

Green and lusty meadows, flower-covered meadows, babbling streams, unsophisticated and deep haizi, holy and towering snow-capped peaks… Every place is exciting.

Sertar County

Five bright buddhist college seems to be a synonym for Sertar County. Many people have traveled thousands of miles here just for the red in their hearts.

With its saintly celestial burial and murmuring chanting, Sertar County is a world without earthly noise, a pure land in the soul that will never disappear.

Danba sect village

From a distance, in the valley full of spirit, among the emerald green trees, are the heavy fields and the stockaded houses hidden in the deep forest.

There is no luxury of modern city, no light and wine of city, but nature and simplicity, which is a little-known xanadu hidden in hengduan mountains.

Xinduqiao town

Magical light, boundless grassland, rolling mountains, scattered Tibetan villages, cattle and sheep grazing peacefully, the plain scenery of western sichuan is blooming beautifully in Xinduqiao town.

Some people say that daocheng just in front of xqiao town is Lhasa. It is more beautiful. But the beauty of xqiao town needs to be tasted slowly.

Cuoka lake

Cuoka lake is not very big, but the jasper lake is collecting the blue sky, white clouds, green trees, red temple figure, as if the whole world is in her arms.

Snow mountain valleys, wetland lakes, grand temples, thick people… Everything unique to Cuoka lake is waiting for your arrival.

Yaqing Temple

Yaqing Temple is built on the grassland and wetlands surrounded by mountains. There are thousands of small wooden houses where believers live.

Every morning or evening, smoke filled the air, the river glistened with gold, and the sound of chanting came from far away in the wind.


Wuxuhai is described by local people as “the mirror of fairy’s dressing”. The primeval forest and wide meadow surround the lake, which is green and transparent, and the environment is quiet.

Twelve fairy peaks beautiful, shape like fairy tingting yu li side, and wu xuhai mutually reflect, among them, as if into wonderland.

Dege Scripture Printing Lamasery

The SLATE road around the sutra printing house is exceptionally smooth polished by years, quietly telling its long history.

For hundreds of years, the workers of sutra printing houses have never stopped this kind of original printing, which is not only the pages of sutras, but also the thick and thick history printed in the thick and thick ink.

More than Tibet “Tibet” ganzi, although located in the west of sichuan, but the mystery is not far away, like falling into the fairy, waiting for you to uncover her mysterious veil.