In the contrast between light and dark, cold and warm, the majestic peaks of the mountains set off the tranquility of the village.

Dreaming of the Jokhang Temple, a light hits the picture, creating a mysterious atmosphere. The author skillfully uses the diagonal composition to make the picture feel stable.

The low-flying crane shows the beautiful natural environment of Mabiao, and the blue of the lake maps like a beautiful sapphire.

The trend of Yang Zhuo’s enthusiasm led the viewer’s gaze to the distance, and the majestic winds and clouds made the picture full of momentum.

Shenma Yunyun, two horses with the same pace running on the vast grassland, echoed with the clouds in the sky to form a very interesting picture.

The endless flow of vehicles in front of the Potala Palace turned into a color river under the slow shutter speed, and the radiant atmosphere further set off the majesty of the palace.

Devotion, the finishing touch of this photo lies in that look. All the piety and suffering are reflected in the moment of the embarrassment. The author uses black and white tones to emphasize the heavy feeling of the overall atmosphere.

The composition of Shenshan’s evening glow is calm, and the contrast between cold and warm makes the picture color extremely rich. Such control can be seen that the author’s basic skills are solid.

The compression of the telephoto lens brings a flat visual effect to the landscape of Namtso, and the blue of the water and the shadow of the mountain is full of musical rhythm. The air-drying clothing between the real and the virtual brings a breath of life to the picture.

The Potala Palace stands in the midst of a glorious morning glow. The photographer uses a slow shutter speed to turn the vehicle under the foot of the palace into a virtual shadow, and the picture is balanced between flow and stillness, magnificence and microscopicity.

The sun shines through the clouds and illuminates the smoldering atmosphere before the rain, and such scenes should be fleeting. The photographer captures this atmosphere accurately.