In fact, chengdu is not the only city in the ballad, and there are many other cities. Maybe what they sing is not only the charm of the city, but also the unforgettable people and stories left behind.

Think of the university graduation, several guitar students playing guitar, a lot of people together singing folk songs, singing, cried.

Crying is because some people through folk songs, stubborn youth singing, some people through folk songs, fearless into the distance.


You would hold my sleeve, and I would put my hand in my trouser pocket, walk to the end of yulin road, and sit at the door of the pub.

Have been to chengdu of you, also walk through yulin road of end, also once in bistro not drunk endlessly.

The most attractive thing about chengdu is the slow pace of the song, which is probably why so many people come here.

In chengdu, sitting in a small shop in jinli, chatting with life, chatting, time passed.

Lanzhou, lanzhou

Lanzhou, always in the morning to leave, lanzhou, night gentle drunk, lanzhou, endless Yellow River flowing east, lanzhou, the end of the road is the entrance to the sea.

The city of lanzhou is sandwiched between mountains in the north and south. A Yellow River comes from the sky and crosses the city in the middle.

Strong wind, Yellow River, warm and heroic.

Suddenly remembered the late night noodle shop, a girl ordered a bowl of lanzhou noodles, eat eating cried, later know, this is a lanzhou girl, she said “lanzhou noodles out of lanzhou is not delicious.

Songs of xi ‘an people

The story of the city of xi ‘an, want to say too much, the history of the city of xi ‘an, will not be hard to ponder, watching the sunset, sitting on the moat, arms and hold a novel jia pingwa

Every place of xi ‘an city, streets and lanes, are flowing with his heritage, with the tang dynasty full of classics, but also with the chang ‘an legacy of the aesthetic lingering. Xi ‘an is not enough to go many times, stroking the 600-year-old city wall, see it in the daytime like a jingotie horse coming thick and fast, night is the fairy mei yuyi fluttering.

Read today’s xi ‘an, feel yesterday’s chang ‘an.

A cup of long island belly, turned and jumped into the west lake, can not find the trace of 96 years, forget also forget the memory of wu linmen. — hangzhou

Most of hangzhou with jiangnan graceful lingering appear in front of the world, but this song in hangzhou, but there is a sense of determination.

Come to think of it, the white lady and xu xian love, live not, fire and water. The west lake story, this is determined.

Once upon a time, entering the grand canal must go out of wulin gate. No matter hangzhou people travel north or return from outside, most of them will go through wulin gate

Today’s wulinmen is already prosperous, but the significance of wulinmen to hangzhou and the memories it has left for hangzhou people cannot be erased.

Beijing for one

Many people come and go, gather and leave, but also some people in a hurry to escape from this one person in Beijing.

In the world of ballads, Beijing has appeared many times, with one thousand people singing one thousand tastes of Beijing.

Once heard a saying: “Beijing is not my hometown, leaving you is like leaving home.”

Hehejing, she is never a landscape, but a person’s Beijing, here there are struggles, hugs, dreams, comfort.

When we know what we need more firmly in Beijing, maybe this is the best fortune Beijing has left us.

Go to Dali

Is not very satisfied with life, for a long time did not smile and do not know why, since not happy and do not like here, it is better to go to the west Dali.

Living in the city for a long time, have forgotten the appearance of the sun, moon and stars, always take some time to go to the cangshan erhai edge, waiting for a sunrise, watch a sunset.

In Dali, as long as leisurely look at the flowers, and then drink a bai three tea, so wasted time, it is also good.

Memories of zhengzhou

I don’t know much about zhengzhou, I have been there for love, how many times I passed through this city on the train, a person quietly thought of her.

Compared with chengdu and Dali, zhengzhou is indeed not a small capital city, but its tolerance and comfort, no one can deny.

A bowl of risotto noodles, friends, walk in the park to listen to the free and easy henan opera, in the skewer shop to see the fireworks life in zhengzhou.

This is zhengzhou, not so much poetic and picturesque, but here the simplicity and down-to-earth touched the city of everyone.

Long in yinchuan

My family lives on the edge of the tongxin road, where my father and mother, the water of the Yellow River in the distance flowing, wind and sand with me in the growth.

Yinchuan, yinchuan, a ma pingchuan, east relying on the Yellow River, west pillow helan mountain, a mountain and a river raised the charm of yinchuan, a generous atmosphere.

Separated by a mountain is the desert and gobi desert of zuo banner, across helan mountain is a green ningxia miliangchuan, just like the south of the Great Wall.

A city, a person, a story, perhaps because the city is too big, too many stories happened but not remembered, fortunately, they have not been forgotten, just buried in song after song.

The ballad slowly sings, singing your memories of a city.