When it comes to the stars, many people dream of childhood

When I was a child, I always felt that there were gods living in the sky

At night, they cast little spells

The night sky lights up with stars

Long lived in the city, gorgeous lights dazzling

However, the stars and dreams are more distant from us

The starry sky on the siguniang mountain awakens our dreams on a summer night

The dream came true and the stars shone in the night sky

Outside of the city, maybe this is the distance between the city and tranquility

No matter how bright the city lights are, they cannot illuminate the front

I’ve been in the city so long that I’ve forgotten what the stars look like

When the lights are on, work, entertainment, parties…

Still a busy scene,

Day after day, getting lost.

Look at the stars at siguniang mountain on a summer night,

Let the heart calm down, think about life, reason about the past.

No matter how warm the city lights are, they cannot warm the heart

The city was like never night,

The sun was setting, the streets were lined with lights,

No matter how warm the city lights are, they cannot warm the heart.

On the night of the four maiden mountain,

Though only stars and tent glimmers,

But sitting around a fire with friends,

Talk about life, talk about ideals,

Music with memories immersed in the most soft place.

The city lights again gorgeous

Nor the yearning for freedom

The city’s colorful lights, gorgeous,

KTV, bars, neon lights flashing charming eyes…

Nor under the starry sky of the four maiden mountains,

Lying on the vast meadow,

Listen to insects, feel the wind unrestrained come crazy.

The stars make dreams,

Floating into the night in a boat of dreams,

Raise your head, leave everything behind,

In silence, in the light, to find the dream of childhood.

When the city lights up again,

Not as bright as the stars of the four girls mountain!

It was summer, and the sky was clear on a clear summer night,

This summer vacation, hurry up to the four girls mountain to see the stars!