If you ever feared the darkness of the night

Then embrace the dawn

If you are bored and bored with life

Then let go of all ties and go far

The seeds of joy will be scattered all over the earth

A good hope is like the rising sun

Snow mountains, lakes, cattle and sheep and kelang flowers

Tibet is full of scenery

Temples, worshippers, smiles and prayer flags

Tibet is full of emotions

As a person who travels by word of mouth

I am addicted to these 9 places in Tibet

Rare Nnamjagbarwa mountain

Nnamjagbarwa mountain is 7782 meters high with a different peak. It is known as the father of icebergs for its majestic posture that pushes the blue sky.

Its sharp triangular peaks are covered with snow all year round and shrouded in mist, making it difficult to show its true features. It has been named “the most beautiful mountain in China”.

The Potala Palace

Standing at the top of the east, this 1,300-year-old palace is the highest and most magnificent palace in the world.

It is the symbol of Lhasa and even the qinghai-tibet plateau. It is the most sacred place in the hearts of the Tibetan people.

Yarlung zangbu grand canyon

Deepest canyon

The lower reaches of the river rounded the south gabawa peak, making a huge horseshoe turn, forming a huge canyon.

Glaciers, cliffs, steep slopes, mudslides and giant rivers crisscrossed the valley, many of which are still untouched.

Nnamjagbarwa mountain is so dazzling that anyone who sees it will forget about the canyon below.

So I just choose to turn around and leave the main characters to the loess, the rocks, the rivers and the villages. That’s what the canyon really looks like.

Jokhang Monastery

Jokhang Monastery is built by songtsan gambo, the king of Tibet, to commemorate the arrival of princess bhrul into Tibet.

The main hall has three floors, the roof of which is covered with a unique gold roof in Tibet.

Inside the temple, all kinds of wood carvings and frescoes are exquisite, and the smell of butter permeates the air.

The sacred lake Namtso

Namtso, a must-see in Tibet. Also because of its beauty, it is often published in geographic magazines.

The clouds spread on the turquoise lake, and the swaying colorful prayer flags show the Tibetan people’s devotion to the god of heaven. The lake is as vast as the sea, and the boulders stand up, looking down on the earth like gods who don’t understand for thousands of years…

Namtso’s saintly beauty is irresistible.

5A scenic area Tashilhunpo monastery

Tashilhunpo monastery is the largest monastery of the gelug sect of Tibetan Buddhism in the post-tibetan region.

The temple is like a quiet ancient village, Tibetan qincheng, grand scale.

The golden roof of the temple glitters in the sun, and the walls decorated with chisel statues of thousands of buddhas have built the place where panchen panchen stayed in tin in previous dynasties. The strong atmosphere of the holy spirit is self-evident.

The crown is the Yamdrok Lake in south Tibet

The first trip into Tibet, in the rain in a hurry by the sheep lake, the lake at the moment like a fairy turquoise earrings, scattered in the valley flower field, no matter which Angle you are in, can not see her full picture.

Mysterious, holy, want to convert to this, may all be well.

Every drop of water, every hub line of Yamdrok Lake, is merged with an unspeakable mystery, as if it is not water, but a beautiful story with twists and turns and no ending, which is constantly developing and changing.

But you can’t see the full story of her, she is so superficial and fascinating, obsessed.

The beauty of the lake is unique in south Tibet. Her body winding in the mountains more than 130 kilometers, like a drop like embedded in the mountains above the ear wheel.

Sheep lake is a collection of plateau lakes, snow mountains, islands, pastures, hot springs, wildlife, temples and other landscape as one, lakes.

Snow wind and blue sky merge, let a person linger.

Barkhor street is the most famous street in Lhasa

Shopping street, the most famous turning street and commercial center in Lhasa.

The exquisite Tibetan costumes and crafts sold along the road can make you dizzy, and the famous Tibetan restaurants around you can make you satisfied — Fried lamb chops, beef porridge, Tibetan pancakes, hand-grabbed yak, barley wine…

Enjoy the unique taste of Tibet!

Everest Base Camp

The protection zone of Everest Base Camp is set up to protect the environment of the core area of Everest. It is located at an altitude of 5,200 meters and is about 19 kilometers away from the summit of Everest as the crow flies.

There are tents for climbers and tourists, hotels, tea houses, shops and post offices.

You can send your missing postcards at the highest post office in China. You can take pictures of the night sky and orbit of qomolangma at night.