In southwest China

There is a place

Nobody knows much

It is recognized as the “source of Tibet”.

Light to see the picture has become beautiful drunk fairy

And a trip to see the world’s best scenery


I hear, there is

A blue ice lake more dreamy than Lake Baikal;

I hear, there is

Bilanwu lake more magnificent snow mountain lake;

I hear, there is

A more majestic glacier than the ancient one…

Heard, there is a ratio

Guo liang hanging wall more steep cliff mountain road;

I hear, there is

Quieter snowy skies than New Zealand…

I hear, there is

The famous first temple

This is an important source of Tibetan culture

It is the soul of Tibet

Come here, you’ll see

The original Tibetan culture and more natural Tibetan customs

Here will be the most representative of the scene of a net

Snow mountains, lakes, hot springs, canyons

Grasslands, mountains, primeval forests, temples and historic sites…

She is shannan,

Tibet in Tibet

Shannan lies south of Lhasa

Nyingchi in the east and shigatse in the west

It borders Bhutan and India to the south

The border is more than 600 kilometers long and the scenery is beautiful and mysterious

Shannan is not as open as Lhasa and nyingchi

It is the most difficult place to reach in Tibet

Under the peaceful blue sky and water

Precipitate the inner impetuous and confused

Here, also hide countless you do not know the fairyland on earth

99% of the way through

With a shot, are scenery large

Yangzhuoyong lake

When I first saw yanghu, I could hardly believe her beauty. Different moment of sunlight, the lake will show different levels, extremely rich blue, like a dream.

Because in the lake and the sky between the blue, inserted mountain red, yellow, blue, green, the blue lake water is more prominent.

Blue as if blue gem, it has the mountain wind waves from the ripples, the sun flickering pearl, there are clearly visible shallows gravel, there are flickering light and shadow changes.

General MoYong measures

Nestled in the white light of the Himalayas, there is a pure lake, sparkling and blue with sunlight shining through the clouds. Her name is pumoyong cuo, which means “flying sapphire” in Tibetan.

The huge lake is surrounded by mountains over six kilometers above sea level, magnificent, beautiful scenery.

The water of pumoyong cuo is blue and clear. The small island in the lake is like a giant turtle, quietly guarding the “girl”. It is said that pumoyuntso was blessed by master padmasambhava and thus had a divine aura.


Sanye temple has the title of “the first temple in Tibet”. It is the first temple of Buddhism, dharma and sangha in the history of Tibetan Buddhism.

Early in the morning or late in the evening, you can climb to the top of the sacred mountain of hibori near sanye temple, overlooking the panorama of sanye temple and yarlung zangbo river, which is an excellent photography site.

Sun knot tso chia glacier

In 2016, the rije tsogya glacier was called “xizang superhuman glacier” online, and also known as “40 glacier” or “punan glacier”.

The main peak of its snow mountain is zenggang rifeng, next to the weifeng zhuo mula rikang snow peak also flows out of a small glacier into this big glacier, nearby area glacier is more, but the knot is the best one close to the knot.

Zhe ancient prairie

Due to the abundant water resources of zhegu lake, there are a large number of wild animals on the zhegu grassland, mainly the wild donkey under the first-level state protection, as well as wild sheep, grass fox, black-necked crane, snow leopard, red-crowned crane, lynx, snow chicken, otter, marmots, grey duck, bantougoose and jackal.

The vast expanse of grassland is not only a beautiful scenery, but also the main place for local herdsmen to graze their cattle and horses.

Loeb ditch

Loeb, which means “good place” in Tibetan. Here pleasant climate, rich species, beautiful mountains and rivers, flowers, evergreen throughout the year.

Through the mysterious primeval forest of ancient trees and bamboo, you can see cliffs, monkeys and birds playing.

Zhu cuobai malin

Every season of the white malincuo people with a different feeling, snow stands tall, frozen lake winter; Flowers everywhere, snow peak stands in the summer, graceful scenery let people linger on.

Card long temple

The kajiu temple is located in the forest peaks behind the town of lakang in luozha county, shannan county, Tibet autonomous region. With an elevation of about 3,996 meters, the temple occupies a commanding position on a hill.

Here lush vegetation, manshan flowers, beautiful scenery, pleasant climate, really can be said to be the flowers, beautiful scenery, people have a kind of feeling in the paradise.

Maybe you have been to shannan, maybe you are longing for shannan.

No matter how much you heard from someone’s mouth their legend, through television or magazines have seen how much they figure, but please believe, the legend of the moving and beautiful picture will become pale when you visit here, only saw, hand touch, can truly comprehend the world has given to shannan the love of the land.