Seda Buddha College, regardless of the season, white snow dotted with the city of more sky

Seda Buddha College under the blue sky

Full of brownish chalets

Seda Buddha College after snowing

Dazzling red is embellished with white snow

Looking into the other color

Seda Buddha College is only snowing

The night view seen has also become special

Winter gives the Tibetan Buddhist College a different beauty

Yesterday, the sky was hazy

Today may be sunny blue sky

There is a little snow in the distant ridge.

Night view seen in fine weather

The entire Buddhist College is brightly lit

There is still a round of January in the distance.

Can also see the most beautiful starry sky

Like the snowy Buddhist college

You can use the snow on the ground to make a snowman

Do you think that the color of the Buddha College after the snow is beautiful?

If you come to Western Sichuan, will you go to the world’s largest Seda Buddha College?