In each person’s short life, there are always a few places, that will occasionally see inclination. Aden, a legendary human holy land, an isolated xanadu, a colorful world fairyland.

Daocheng, also known as daocheng yading. Daocheng-yading scenic spot is located in the south of ganzi Tibetan autonomous prefecture of sichuan province, in the east of the qinghai-tibet plateau, in the middle of the hengduan mountains, bordering muli county of liangshan prefecture in the southeast, adjacent to xiangcheng county in the west and adjacent to zhongdian county of yunnan province, and lianlitang county in the north.

Daocheng — yading is praised as “the last shangri-la” because of its unique and primitive natural environment and beautiful scenery. The scenic spots are divided into two parts, daocheng and yading, with snowy mountains, glaciers, valleys, forests, meadows, lakes and other landscapes.

In addition to the pearl sea, milk sea and other glacial lakes, daocheng is the most desirable snow god peak — daocheng god peak in the well-known Tibetan areas. In addition to yading scenic area, there are many places worth visiting around daocheng county, such as quiet riverside, beautiful red grass, and ancient temples. Spring daocheng azalea full mountain, autumn daocheng red and yellow, with heavenly colors.

Daocheng – yading is “the last pure land on the blue planet”. It was first discovered in 1928 by Joseph rock, an American explorer, who published his photographs in national geographic to great effect.

Surrounded by chongling scenic area, dense primeval forest, flowing water, solemn temples, quiet villages, the last piece of pure land on the planet known as water blue. In spring, there are luxuriant grasses and flowers, and the scenery of the high mountain Berlin is as green as a screen, with wild flowers blooming.

This is a historical and cultural thick, natural scenery charming, quiet beautiful, ancient long, there is most beautiful in the world the most primitive one of the most magnificent and colorful natural landscape between quiet a period of time, in the afternoon warm warm sunshine, beautiful blue, moonlit night, carefully taste remained one of the few quiet, and less and less of the good in life…

The scenery that daocheng yading cannot miss

1. Central myung sacred mountain

Central maiyong sacred mountain of daocheng sanshen mountain, which means “manjusri bodhisattva” in Tibetan, is 5,958 meters above sea level. Manjusri bodhisattva is the embodiment of wisdom in Buddhism. Like manjusri bodhisattva, xuefeng USES his wisdom to direct himself at the sky.

2. Senai day

Shanai day is the north peak of “sanxuhu” snow mountain, which is the head of the three sacred mountains in yading scenic area, with an altitude of 6,032 meters. Towering wei li, dignified auspicious, the peak all year long snow does not change, its mountain shape resembles a body backward Buddha.

3. Milk sea

Sanshen mountain in the middle of the milk sea, beautiful plateau yan sehu, an area of 0.5 hectares, 4500 meters above sea level, surrounded by snow mountains, lake clear blue, the mountain waterfall, famous for its exquisite and elegant water color emerald blue, milk sea side has large glaciers. It is said that every spring when the flowers bloom, the lake will be as white as milk, hence the name milk sea.

4. The sea of five colors

The five-color sea in the middle of sanshen mountain covers an area of 0.7 hectares. When light is refracted, five different colors are produced, hence the name “five-color sea”. It is a famous sacred lake in Tibetan areas. It is praised by buddhist scriptures as being as famous as yamdrok lake in Tibet. It is said to be able to “relive history and predict the future”. July-august is the best time to see the sea of five colors.

5. Sea of pearls

Pearl sea is the nearest scenic spot to yading village. It is about half an hour’s walk from chonggu temple meadow. The pearl sea is called “zhuo malatuo” in Tibetan. It is a sea formed by the melting snow of xiannai day. The area is about 0.1 square kilometers.

Around the lake, ginseng emerald green such as screen, spring lake patches of azaleas in full bloom, autumn layers dyed, reflecting the colorful world, dazzling god.

6. luo rong cattle farm

Luorong cattle farm is 4150 meters above sea level. Luowong cattle farm back to three sacred mountains, is the best view of three xuzhu snow mountain. Around the cattle farm is the continuous alpine meadow, spring and summer season meadow wildflowers in full bloom, all over the mountains, herds of cattle and sheep in the river and hillside leisurely grazing, a harmonious scene.

7. Alsi mountain park

“Alsi” means “good place” in Tibetan. On the vast grassland of alpine park, there are luxuriant grasses and flowers. A piece of high mountain Berlin, green as screen, with red “three trees”; Patches of azalea, brilliant, clear water flowing slowly, overlooking the sanhu snow mountain, close at hand.