After looking at this set of photos, I really feel an impulse to resign… The autumn here is so beautiful that it will make you drunk.

Tibet is a place that should be visited once in a lifetime.

Snow plateau style,

The original natural scenery,

In this autumn, freeze into a beautiful picture scroll

The golden meadow, the yak on the plateau, the distant mountains, a pair of quiet late autumn beautiful picture, I really hope not to be disturbed!

In the arms of nature to run, facing the sun on the plateau eating grass, animal world with a large meadow, the picture is too beautiful!

Even the sky covered by thick clouds has a magnificent beauty!

Niyang river autumn, beautiful to you?

From early autumn into late autumn, every moment of beauty, do not want to miss!

In the vast nature, can really feel their own small..

The river, the trees, the grass, do you want to see it?