For ordinary tourists, to visit siguniang mountain is to see the mountains, but to see the mountains is only part of the siguniang mountain, siguniang mountain scenery can not be simply summed up by the mountains

The beauty of the four girls mountain, in addition to the mountain, and meadows, pastures, jia si Tibetan customs and so on related to the plateau scenery, so she certainly does not belong to the same type of landscape jiuzhaigou, and finding it hard to compare, can say each have each characteristic, is no substitute for each other, and no matter which one, is not is a shame.

Build gully is to develop the most perfect one, but long ping groove is not open to traffic 叧 can ride a horse, haizi ditch is suitable for hiking

Three trenches are very have their own characteristics, if the time to catch up can play shuangqiao ditch but as a result of doing a car tour, the participation of tourists is almost, also can not see siguniang mountain.

The best choice is changping ditch can ride a horse can also see the four girls mountain.

Three ditch traffic conditions double bridge ditch sightseeing car tour; Changping ditch in the front take the sightseeing car, the back can ride a horse or walk, haizi ditch can ride a horse or walk the whole way.

If this is the first time to load the words of the hike, it is recommended to choose the most beautiful scenery line is also the most mature and safe long ping ditch.

Changping gully is the most typical and beautiful of the three gullies of siguniang mountain. Changping village is located in changping ditch mouth, walking 7 kilometers, is the lama temple ruins, after the lama temple and then into the real changping ditch scenic area. The scenic area is famous for snow mountain, pasture, meadow and primeval forest. Sigungong mountain is 16 kilometers away from changping ditch.

Changpinggou is a paradise for outdoor sports enthusiasts, because it is an important camp for climbing three peaks and four peaks, as well as an ideal place for rock climbing and ice climbing. At the same time, from the long ping ditch can also across to the bi peng ditch county.

Shuangqiao ditch is about seven kilometers away from rilong town, with a total length of 34.8 kilometers. The main scenery in the ditch is mainly pasture, river, plank road and woods. From shuangqiao ditch, you can also see more than ten snow mountains of more than 4,000 meters. Shuangqiao ditch is the most perfect ditch of the development of three ditches, and also the only one with sightseeing cars. You can visit the whole journey in half a day by taking sightseeing cars. Unfortunately, the tourists have a poor sense of participation, and the most characteristic is the diao yu ba pier.

The whole length of haizi ditch is 19.2 kilometers. It is named because of the more than ten haizi scattered all over the world. Haizi ditch scenery and shuangqiao ditch, changping ditch is completely different, to the alpine meadow, is a good place to enjoy the four girls mountain, is also many mountaineering enthusiasts to climb the damiang mountain must pass.

Ditch guzhuang ping, zhaoshan ping, daizi, flower children, floating sea, white sea, blue sea, yellow sea and other more than 10 alpine lakes, the water is crystal clear.