Nowadays, self-driving travel has become a very popular leisure activity among Chinese people. Whether it is a weekend self-driving tour in the suburbs or a scenic tour in a small holiday, it can be said that it has enriched our spare time life. And making a good than travel by plane the train and so on tool, be able to enjoy some of the scenery, the scenery sometimes than destination anyway, this is to introduce the domestic scene best ten road, every article make people linger, the most suitable road, this life will go again.

Turn 99 zhangjiajie road

In hunan, there is a song called “18 bends in the mountain road”, which means the road is bumpy and winding, and the 99-bend road in zhangjiajie, hunan province, is known as the most dangerous road in the world. The winding road of tianmen mountain in zhangjiajie is known as “tongtian road”. The total length of the winding road is 10.77 kilometers, and the elevation is sharply increased from 200 meters to 1300 meters. There are thousands of precipices on both sides of the road and deep empty valleys.

Wall road

Wall road the product of nature is always so magical, there are many hanging Wall roads in China, every place is very strange and dangerous treacherous, driving a sense of stimulation and breathtaking, like adventure friends never can easily miss.

Hangzhou Bay Bridge

The Hangzhou Bay Bridge is a fantastic Bridge, 36 kilometres long, which makes it an imposing sight. Here we can feel the wind with moisture on the face, the combination of sunshine and water, make people happy and comfortable.

Aizhai Bridge

Aizhai Bridge is the same kind of Bridge, but driving on it, it feels absolutely different, with a height of 330 meters different from the ground.

Desert highway

The tarim desert highway is a highway that runs through the taklimakan desert. This desert can be said to be very bull-like, known as the sea of death.

The G7 Jingxin Expressway

Known as China’s route 66, the beijing-new expressway stretches more than 2,000 kilometers from east to west. On the way, I will take notes on grassland, gobi, desert, lake, no man’s land, mountain valley and other natural landscapes. You can say a high-speed view of all the beautiful.

Duku Highway

Nowadays, you are too shy to tell others that you have visited xinjiang if you haven’t visited Duku Highway, which shows how important Duku Highway is in xinjiang. Duku Highway starts from dushanzi in kuitun in the north and aksu kuche in the south. Like the sichuan-tibet highway, the 560-kilometer highway, which contains the souls of 128 heroes, is more than just a highway. The strangest thing about the road is that it is not accessible to any vehicle at any time. It is only open for four months from June to September, and no more than seven vehicles are allowed.

Taiwan Suhua Highway

Known as China’s highway 1, if there is a chance to run this road, it will be a lifetime memory. Relying on the coastline to build a highway, beautiful scenery, along the way can see the Pacific Ocean and cliff scenery, very cattle.

The National highway 213

The most beautiful section of National highway 213 is actually located in the north of gannan and sichuan. Not only along the way but also extremely magnificent grassland scenery and dense forest. It is surrounded by numerous famous natural and cultural landscapes.

Sichuan -tibet Highway

Needless to say, it is the top self-drive route in China, with top scenery, top comprehensive road condition and top cultural landscape. All of these will converge into this tibetan-tibet Highway like a ponytail.