Tibet, how many people in the holy land

This piece of land is the top of a thousand mountains and the source of ten thousand waters

The piety here

Love is like a

Bumpy, thin air

But it is infinitely beautiful and pure

The average altitude is above 4000 meters

Have “the roof of the world” on the land

Witness your love

If in front of the wind and the waves

You’re still in front of me

If there’s only one bottle of water left

We share

Believe in later days

Holding each other’s hands will be more firm

Can you give me some time for a song

Quietly turn that embrace into forever

When the ice waves hit your shoulders

I will cover for you

Let’s watch the moon climb up

Sleepless night love people will not

Confession to you

We make beautiful wishes

Wishing for our tomorrows

No matter how far

As far as the sky

We are shoulder to shoulder

Will you marry me?

Yes, I do.

You have always been by my side

No matter how far away

Even if the clouds in the eyes do not come loose

Your smile makes me bright

We went all the way around

I understand your importance more than anyone else

The most beautiful thing is not the rain

Is with you to escape the rain eaves

I like to lean on your shoulder like this

I like to have no time and no direction

I like to love nature like this

Don’t care what other people think

I know the shape of love

It’s on the fourth finger

Close your eyes and just imagine

Dress yourself

With the highest altitude in the world

Explain the sanctity of love

Nice pictures are nice to others

But for the two people in the picture

It’s an experience

Maybe it’s because of Tibet

Maybe it’s the new guy

All make this challenging wedding photography

More full of pure love