The peach blossom discourse is “the captive of love” under the sacred snow mountain of Nyingchi in the Sichuan-Tibet line. The true meaning of love is sublimated instantly. Every year, the Sichuan-Tibet line in March has more couples than usual. Is the single person looking for abuse?

Peach blossoms are connected with love. We often say that peach blossoms, because peach blossoms seem to bring people the opportunity of love, with the blessing of peach blossoms, I believe that they will soon have their own love.

In the spring of March, it is the ocean of peach blossoms, the three generations of the three miles of peach blossoms, only wishing to marry the most beautiful scenery with you! All the sweet words will become the most sincere promise under the snowy mountains!

The Sichuan-Tibet line is a landscape avenue. While watching the beautiful scenery, it hopes to get the care of the other side. As the saying goes, it can also warm up the feelings but it can also detect whether it is suitable for each other. The travel book of the Sichuan-Tibet line is also hard.

Looking at Linzhi Taohua to take the Sichuan-Tibet line? In addition to the most beautiful Linzhi peach blossoms and Jinchuan pear blossoms, the Sichuan-Tibet line is a lotus flower rain bathing peach flower source. It takes 10 days to walk once. It must be the most romantic memories of a lifetime!

The flowering period of Linzhi Peach Blossoms is generally from March 15th to April 20th. This period of time has become a masterpiece under the photographer’s lens. The front and back of the houses in Tianmo, the snowy mountains and the green mountains and green waters are dotted with pink and rough peach blossoms. !

Linzhi’s peach blossoms cover a wide range, and Bomi Peach Blossom Valley has won the most certificate of Shanghai Great World Guinness (specially declared the most in China). The annual Peach Blossom Festival will hold a variety of activities!

Sansheng Sanshi Shili Peach Blossom, would you like to take the Sichuan-Tibet line with her favorite or single, and feel the most beautiful spring?