Chengdu cycling to Lhasa, take 318 national road.

From chengdu, to Lhasa, ya ‘an, luding, kangding, mangkang, baachu, and finally Lhasa.

The cost of cycling mainly lies in the cost of fuel consumption and living expenses. Based on the cycling length, journey time and daily living expenses, we can roughly calculate the minimum cost of riding a motorcycle from chengdu to Lhasa.

1.Cycling length and fuel consumption cost:

From chengdu, take the national highway 318 sichuan-tibet line to chengdu, the whole journey is about 2,250 kilometers.

Due to the different models, displacement, carrying weight and average driving speed, motorcycle fuel consumption per kilometer will be different. Generally speaking, the fuel consumption of motorcycle is 0.2-0.4 yuan per kilometer. The distance of 2250 kilometers is calculated, and the fuel consumption of the car is 450-900 yuan.

Considering that the oil cost in Tibet is about 20% higher than that in the mainland, the fuel cost for the journey is assumed to be 500-1000 yuan.

2.Cycling time and daily expenses

Due to the individual’s specific itinerary, physical strength, viewing time, Tibetan road conditions and other differences, the time spent from chengdu to Lhasa can not be generalized. Generally speaking, when walking and sightseeing, it takes 11 days to ride for 5 hours every day, 40 kilometers per hour, and 200 kilometers per day. According to the time data of most moyo entering Tibet, 7-15 days is the interval time of crossing sichuan and Tibet, and the average time is about 12 days.

Food in Tibet is not cheaper than in the mainland. A bowl of noodles usually costs 15 yuan. Nevertheless board cost still can save, hold belt to have a meal, average every day 30 piece, 12 days are 360 piece. We’ll charge 400 yuan for board.

In terms of accommodation, cyclists can save a lot of money if they can easily bring a tent or sleeping bag with them. If not, find a hotel to stay at least 100 yuan a night. Most of the youth travel agencies on the sichuan-tibet line charge this price, and the cost of accommodation for 12 days is 1200 yuan.

3.The total price

There are two situations. If you bring your own tent, 900-1400 (fuel consumption + food cost); For a hotel, 2100+2600 (fuel + board + accommodation).

Most places on the sichuan-tibet line support mobile phone payment, but because the mountain area signal is not good, bad place even if there is a scan code payment purchase function, but consumer mobile phone no signal.

In order to avoid being out of cash in an emergency, it is recommended to carry around 1,000 yuan in cash.