In Tibet, the most lacking are the blue sky, white clouds, green water, and the warm and bright sunshine. For those who live on this land, the sun is the greatest gift of nature to the plateau.

The sunshine in Tibet is the worst description, because the words such as splendid and bright, too popular, in general, use such words to describe the sunshine of Tibet, apparently against the sun full of male style.

She is a kind of light pouring, the light of the rushing, the waterfall of light, from the nine days above, wildly plunging down, will be a vast Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, the mountain is illuminated, the water is water, the tree is tree, The grass is grass, not sticky at all, no wandering, no vignetting, only bright, clear, distinct, quiet, and crazy.

In the sunshine of Tibet, those mountains, blue; those trees, green; her air, no floating dust, sucking a bite, silting in the depths of the lungs, immediately swayed.

The river under the sun is so clear, so clear, every wave is crystal clear, every wave is transparent and pure, those whirlpools, the swirling seems not water, all are clear, clear, bright and so on. vocabulary.

As the capital of Tibet, Lhasa has the reputation of the city of the sun. In Lhasa, the average annual sunshine duration is as much as 3005.3 hours, with an average of 8 hours and 15 minutes of sun per day.

Lhasa, winter is not as cold as I imagined. Basically, it is a sunny day, and the average temperature during the day is as high as 10 to 15 degrees Celsius. And the climate is dry, there is no cold feeling, and the sun is especially comfortable.

In the winter of 15 degrees, the sun is pouring into the city, the pure blue sky is not crowded, and there are leisure places everywhere. You can enjoy the winter warm sun leisurely and calmly.

Walking on the streets of Lhasa, those Tibetan houses with unique ethnic characteristics can best catch the eye of tourists. They have a red and white “face” and are located in the north-facing position, just to better absorb the temperature of the sun. It fully shows the wisdom of the people of the plateau. On the plateau, no matter what kind of environment you face, people always have a way to adapt.

The most sacred thing is the temple under the sun. Those temples, either in the mountains, on the hillsides, or on the top of the mountain, are so solemn, solemn, quiet and holy, and very translucent and eye-catching.

It is because of this beautiful sunshine that we make our lives better. In the winter, in the sun in Lhasa, feel the “universal” sun on this piece of pure land!