Take the child out to travel, can increase knowledge, broaden horizons, some like famous mountains and great rivers, most children prefer to play, can not only visit the beautiful scenery, but also let the child full of fun to play.


Here is the most romantic color huocheng lavender, there is the huocheng mountain in journey to the west, there is the duku road which is only open for a few months a year but has its own beauty, the children not only enjoy the beauty, but also feel the vastness and magic of xinjiang.


Here is the “highest altitude in the world, the palace, temple, castle in one of the magnificent buildings” potala palace, here in jokhang temple can be seen every day for the faith of the pilgrims, in barkhor street turn can also meet “maggie amie”. Here children learn the power of faith.


There is the reputation of “guilin landscape is the best in the world”, with thousands of peaks standing around, a river holding the city, and the unique landscape of the wonderful stone cave, allowing children to enjoy the green mountains and water, and experience the magic of nature.


There are wuzhizhou island, tianyahaijiao, nanshan, yaoda rain forest, here you can enjoy the sun and sand, spend a happy and happy parent-child time.

Qian dao lake

Here the water is clear. It is nice to walk on the lake by boat, with the summer wind touching my face and reciting poems. It is nice to see the beautiful island in the lake.


There are qinghai lake, the “largest inland lake and saltwater lake in China”, chaka salt lake, the “sky” of China, and the magical water yadan landform, etc., where children can feel the charm of nature.


There are “the first desert spring” crescent spring, artistic treasures mogao grottoes and other cultural profound cultural landscape.


Just because of “I love tian ‘anmen in Beijing, the sun rises above tian ‘anmen”, I have the idea that I must go in this lifetime. There are magnificent tian ‘anmen, spectacular Great Wall, beautiful temple of heaven, the Palace Museum with profound history and culture. The most shocking thing is the flag-raising ceremony in the morning, so that children know how to love the motherland and love life.

Xi ‘an

Speaking of xi ‘an, I will mention the terra-cotta warriors and horses, here is the symbol of xi ‘an, this is also a good opportunity for children to learn.

Hulun buir prairie

This is one of the best-preserved and most scenic grasslands in China. Children can experience the unique culture, historical and ethnic flavor of the grassland here, and experience the pleasure of galloping on the grassland. It is also a good place for summer.

Zhuhai long long sea kingdom

Here children can see thousands of sea creatures, equipped with a lot of entertainment facilities, teach and play, learn a lot of Marine knowledge, experience is very high.


This is a water town with a long history and rich cultural atmosphere. In addition to small Bridges, flowing water, people’s local customs and exquisite and elegant residential buildings, there is a strong sense of history and culture.


As a Chinese saying goes, “I don’t know the true face of mt lushan, but only live in the mountains.” the biggest reason for people to yearn for here is “summer resort”. Walking in the mountains and breathing fresh air make people relaxed and happy.


Here has the movie to shoot the ground general person black, also has “peach blossom land to record” in the dam beauty, in general person black ornamental red and white two color lotus blossom in the water branch is dazzing, also may feel the most primitive peach land life in the dam United States.

Shanghai Disneyland

This paradise full of imagination and creativity is a happy world for children. Wonderful programs during the day, fireworks in the night, a dream come true in Disneyland, a unique theme park, not only children can enjoy themselves, parents can find their own fun.