Before you know it, the summer of 2019 has arrived. Where is a good place to go from June to August? The following places are sure to make you have an unforgettable summer!


The most suitable place for early summer tourism, most people think of dalian first. Dalian is a famous seaside city, known to tourists for its cleanliness, tidiness and beauty. As a coastal city, dalian enjoys fresh air and pleasant climate in summer, making it an excellent choice for travel.

To dalian these places you must not miss: three surrounded by the sea, the beautiful scenery of the golden stone beach, the scenery excellent seascape highway, such as the fairy tale world of the sea world, and throughout the Russian style of architecture street.

Thousand island lake

Qiandao lake, the backyard garden of the Yangtze river delta region, is named for its 1,078 islands.

There are many ways to enjoy the summer in qiandao lake. You can take a rafting in the cool west valley of qiandao lake. You can also play jet skis, water rollers, kayaks, fat dinghies and OARS on the broad lake surface of qiandao lake.

Of course, you can also go to qiandao lake xiushui square floating pool, and qiandao lake to an intimate contact. Or night in the lake set up a tent, sun the moon and number of stars, listen to the lapping of the lake, long sleep……


The fast pace of urban life creates an urge to escape. Take a trip and relax. Then xiamen, a seaside literary town, is the best choice!

There are five must-see places in xiamen: gulangyu island, highly praised by literary youth; xiamen university, one of the most beautiful campuses in China; south putuo temple, an ancient temple with a long history of buddhist culture; and firefly theme park, yiqing valley, wenzeng road, xiamen city.


There are two things to do in Qingdao, one is to see the sea and live in a farm, the other is to eat barbecue and drink beer.

Qingdao can meet all your fantasies of beach, seaside, passion and romance! Make friends, bring family, close to the sea, bathe in the sun, kiss the sea breeze, not near, Qingdao sunshine is right!

Qingdao is also famous for its beer and seafood. If you go to Qingdao in early summer, you will stay at a seaside farmer’s house. In the morning, you will see the tide rising and rising. In the evening, you will have seafood and drink authentic Qingdao beer.

The best points to see the sea: laoshan mountain, trestle, coastal pedestrian road, badaguan scenic area, golden beach, may fourth square, the first sea bathing area, Qingdao Olympic sailing center, etc.

The hulunbuir

Braised meat, horse milk wine, roast whole sheep… There is a prairie in everyone’s heart. And hulun buir has become synonymous with grassland, only to hulun buir travel friends will know what is the world a grassland.

In hulun buir, mozigele river like dragon plate lying, do show the grassland domineering style; In hulun buir, hulun lake, as if hanging upside down like a mirror, set off the green sea scenery, highlighting the beautiful grassland scenery;

In hulun buir, heishan tou ancient city, you can feel the grassland culture on horseback; In hulun buir, the charming border city of manzhouli, you can feel the cultural integration of China, Russia and Mongolia, and appreciate the unique exotic scenery.

Yuntai mountain

Just as no one in China doesn’t know about shaolin temple, no one in henan doesn’t know about yuntai mountain.

Towering mountains, streams, yuntai mountain will be its magnificent beauty and magic, show incisively and vividly.

Hongshi gorge, tanpu gorge, spring waterfall gorge, qinglong gorge, fenglin gorge, zifang lake, zhuyu peak, macaque valley, diaichuang cave, a hundred rocks constitute a fascinating yuntai mountain.

The north sea

After going to beihai, people who come back can not help but sigh: guangxi has two places, one is called other places, the other is called beihai.

There are mangrove national nature reserve, beihai silver beach which has been sent by friends circle for countless times, park expo park which is crazy and awesome, and sea Wall Street which takes friends to countless times.

There are fresh beef powder, pork foot powder, crab powder and so on all kinds of mouthwatering powder, there are also a mouth-watering lobster, crab various seafood dinner.


Lovelorn, come to lijiang. In love, come to lijiang. Honeymoon, come to lijiang, injured, come to lijiang. Lost, come to lijiang…

Lijiang is big enough to hold so much sadness and oblivion.

This is because lijiang has a stunning yulong snow mountain that cannot be described in words, literature and art to the old town of lijiang whose memory is soft to the bone, and shuhe ancient town, a pure place where the simple folk customs are preserved.


The four words shangri-la first appeared in the book lost horizon, in which British writer Hilton James described to the world an Oriental paradise, a dreamy, poetic and pastoral paradise.

There is the world’s third grand canyon, the tiger leaping gorge, the vast and beautiful yila grassland, the napa sea, the songzanlin temple, the largest Tibetan buddhist temple in yunnan, and pudacuo, China’s first national park.

These four famous scenic spots are the name CARDS of shangri-la and the most worthwhile places to visit.