Relative to the hot temperatures in the interior

These days Tibet

It feels like heaven

It’s in the 20s

Let the restless heart feel just right

To escape the summer in the scenery

In the distance, namya bawa is still white

Canyon, forest more verdant, permeated with green

Peacock blue sheep lake, ice crystal blue namco

The deep blue Brahmaputra…

Eyes as fresh as a piece of mint

Prayer flags fly, tibetans smile more brightly than the sun

Three steps a knock, prostrate devout believers everywhere

In their eyes

You see the light shining like the sun

People who eat zanba and drink butter tea

Will hand you the same bowl steaming hot

The somatosensory temperature is cool

But experience, is warm

If to Tibet summer

Draw an ink painting for the subject

The blue background

Beauty so intoxicating

July in Tibet begins to be noisy day by day

Travelers chase fields of sunflowers as the sun sets

Looked at a mountaintop, a lake

Carry their troubles far away

Like the melancholy waves of the Pacific

Beyond the old lane of Lhasa

On a summer morning

Silently watching the glorious sunrise of nangabawa

(photo by lam chi chuen media)

Because of summer in Tibet

What you don’t expect

Rain and thunder, wind and fog

So sunrise like a rich dinner

Tibet’s old amas are philosophers who read a lot of poetry

Follow their steps, which are not hurried or hurried

How can we always learn to treat our own heart

Explore an old street

Visit the low-profile temples in the streets

Maybe meet a cat or two lounging around in the sun

Eat a bowl of lasagna

And the unique yak yogurt on the plateau

The taste…

Go to the lake of Tibet in the evening and watch the stars

When the wind blows, you don’t have to think about anything

Too cozy to be true

Sit around a campfire with loved ones or close friends

Drink a few cups, let the lake take away the heart of smoke and dust

Release the spirit, summer Tibet

It’s neither hot nor cold, and everything is just right

Summer in Tibet, you don’t expect

With the season of more rain

It’s the most common thing to meet a double rainbow

Some say a double rainbow is rare

Meet, will bring rare good luck

Stop to make a pot of green tea

Let the wind blow through your hair

Bask in the warm afternoon sun in a rocking chair

A cup of tea, a book, a song

As time goes by, leisure is easy

In Tibet, that’s how it should be

Life is a journey that never stops

Always in the continuous walk, through the four seasons

Turn the tide

There are always things you will see or not see along the way

Stop and go

Enjoy a time when there are no worries

However, be sure to protect yourself from the sun

Think twice about going to Tibet in summer

Because it’s likely to get you hooked

Never want to come back