Every summer, will recall, childhood summer, bingbing watermelon, cucumber, from the water in the well, grandpa sat under the tree gently shaking the pufan, we took a straw hat in the fields, small forest looking for wild fruits, wild flowers, clear river, and small friends riding a bicycle laughing past….

At night about a few partners, go to the paddy field to look for the big frog, the breeze blowing, as if the heat of the whole summer has been blown away ~~~

Living in a city built of steel and concrete every day, do you often think of the childhood games, there is such a place in western sichuan, meet our memories and imagination with all ~~~

Just 3.5 hours’ drive from chengdu, there is a place with rolling green mountains and flowing clear streams. Morning, mist-shrouded, qingdai distant mountains, snow mountains looming.

Such beautiful scenery is not only in miyazaki hayao’s animation, in sichuan province, aba region, there is a reduction of miyazaki hayao animation wonderland

Mengtunhe valley wind scenic area is located in shangmeng township, lixian county, is the nearest plateau from aba, located in the international ecological tourism circle of dajiuzhai, the residents are jiarong tibetans.

Here, jiarong tibetans, descendants of king gesar and the nearest residents of xigu to the han, are surrounded by white clouds and shining prayer flags.

Two of the four remaining lamaseries in lixian (one for ningma and one for gelug) are located here, praying for eternal peace and good luck. Hardworking and intelligent jia rong children created a brilliant regional text.

Meng tunhe valley dust table absolutely, four seasons pleasant climate, around the snow longbao 24 valley gathered here.

Ancient geological movement and glacier erosion formed in the valley of the numerous haizi, lixian county 37 haizi 17 in the meng tunhe valley, like jade around the waist of the mountain god.

Lying on the bed watching the snow mountain

There are charming idyllic and snowy mountain landscape here. The hotel’s supporting oversized viewing room pushes the window out, which is the forest, snowy mountain and idyllic. Lying on the bed, you can also seamlessly connect with the natural beauty. Here is probably the legendary fairyland of the world! Get up in the morning, boil a pot of green tea, sit by the window view.

Count the stars in the tent

Takahashi gully is the perfect place to camp, creating a campground on the mountain. Many travelers choose to camp here, less than 30 minutes from the meng xiang star hotel.

The primeval forest in the ditch covers the sky and closes the day. There are legends of waterfall group, alpine meadow, eternal rope bridge and flying stone. The ditch mouth was the battlefield with the blackwater tribe before. The sudden disappearance of the original villages, ancient battlefield sites, numerous human and natural landscape woven into a legendary fairy tale.

Wonderful nature is a natural classroom for children to learn, but also a happy garden for children to grow. Summer heat, choose a cool summer resort, with baby into the arms of nature

In the embrace of nature, let the baby tiptoe to touch the leaves of the tree, squat down to see ants move, run to chase the flying butterflies in the air, and so on.

In the casual play process, the baby easily realizes the big muscle movement exercise. In addition, more sun can promote the body synthesis of vitamin D, thereby promoting the absorption of calcium, help babies grow body.

Lie down together with the baby on the green lawn, accompany the baby to sniff the grass fragrance, enjoy the sunshine on the body and the breeze blowing skin feeling, will be how comfortable thing! In such a warm atmosphere, parents and babies are more likely to open their hearts, which is of course conducive to the establishment of a closer parent-child relationship.