July and August are the peak season for Tibet

Are you ready for your trip to Tibet

Tibet, the place that makes a person infinite yearning

The one with the dream and the pure distance

The belief in a dream heaven above

In July and August, I went to Tibet

To escape the heat and heat of the interior

Return to the mid-20s, just fine weather

I went to Tibet in July and August

To worship and burn incense in the miracle of budala

Return to the home of the mind in the Sanskrit chanting

In July and August, I went to Tibet

Read the time in order to drink the years in maggie amie

Feel only cangyang gyatso understand the romantic prehistory

In July and August, I went to Tibet

In order to put your hands together in front of the jokhang temple in the direction of the gods

More faith for worship

In July and August, I went to Tibet

To take a picture with the most important people at the mila pass, which is decorated with prayer flags

Remember the pledge of snow mountain

In July and August, I went to Tibet

To escape the hustle and bustle of the world

In the world’s sacred lake namco no matter what chaos such as floating clouds

In July and August, I went to Tibet

In order to see in the lu lang Lin hai green everywhere, smoke wreaths

Listen to the vast expanse of pine waves in the ear of prayer

In July and August, I went to Tibet

For a feast in sherdon in August

Look at the clear eyes of the people in heaven for their pure faith

In July and August, I went to Tibet

In order to see the canyon yarlung zangbo river surging forward the red dust

Take away your persistence take away my scars

In July and August, I went to Tibet

In order to see the endless stretch of grassland to the horizon

Follow the shepherd’s footsteps through the slowest time of life

In July and August, I went to Tibet

We may have gone to Tibet in search of it

But you don’t know until you get to Tibet

This is the home of the soul

Is Tibet, let us believe that there is a pure land;

It is Tibet that makes us believe that peace is in our hearts.

Tibet, not forgetting the water, can not let you forget all the troubles, but Tibet will tell you: life is alive, eventually everything is empty, relief should be relieved, put down should put down, all the obsession in front of Tibet is only time, in front of time is just the past, enjoy the moment, is the best motto of life.

1. Namtso’s lover’s tears

Namtso is the largest lake in Tibet and the highest saltwater lake in the world. It is said that namtso is the daughter of emperor shi and the wife of nianqing tanggula, who is regarded as a sacred place to visit by religious men and women. The five islands in the lake are called the incarnations of the five buddhas, and those who go to the sacred lake to worship the Buddha will worship reverently.

It is said that every year in the year of the sheep in Tibetan calendar, buddhas, bodhisattvas and dharma expanding deities will set up altars in namtso to promote dharma gathering. So every April 15 (auspicious Buddha day) around the believers go to the namco lake, unprecedented pomp.

If you hike to namtso, be sure to pack enough supplies, tents and sleeping bags. Even in summer, you need to wear a thick down jacket at night. Namtso lake, with an altitude of 4718 meters, is the highest saltwater lake in the world. The lake is replenished by the melting ice and snow of tanggula mountain. There are many streams around the lake. There are also flocks of wild ducks come to perch in the early summer.

2. The west tianyao pool of mayanyong

It is called “the holy lake”. Every summer and autumn, buddhists make a pilgrimage here for the aged and the young to bathe in the holy water to prolong their lives. Known as the “mother of all rivers in the world”, it is the place where tang dynasty monk xuanzang called the “jade pool on the western sky” in his records of the western regions of the tang dynasty.

The lake is sacred to the Tibetan people, but my Tibetan guide said that the holy lake was named after it by the people from the mainland, and in their minds, it is the lake, not the holy lake. It is one of the highest freshwater lakes in the world. For the holy lake, there are many beautiful legends, her religious significance is great, with Buddhism, bon and Hinduism worship.

3. Kailash king of the sacred mountain

It is the cradle of big rivers like Ganges river, Indus river and yarlung zangbo river, and the most famous sacred mountain in Tibet. Its mountain shape is like olive, it penetrates into the sky, its peak is like a colorful crown, surrounded by eight-petal lotus flowers, and its body is made of crystal.

In the east is the marlboro mountain, which is said to be the mountain under the feet of sakyamuni, in the west is tara, in the south is wisdom goddess peak, and in the north is the mountain of Buddha. Every year, many believers from the mainland, India and Nepal come to visit the mountain. Kailash is also the pilgrimage center of Tibetan Buddhism, Hinduism and primitive bon religions, known as the “king of the sacred mountains.”

Ramla prays into the sacred lake of the past

Ramratos is a tiny alpine horseshoe lake measuring just 2 square kilometers in the qukejie mountains 65km northeast of gacha county. Lamrasuo has a magical power in Tibetan Buddhism. All the spiritual children passed down from the dalai lama to the panchen living Buddha pass through lamrasuo.

Tibetan buddhist believers believe that they can see their past lives and this life in the lake, so many devout men and women are attracted to this lake to find their past lives, present lives and afterlife.

The holy place of Tibetan Buddhism in potala palace

The potala palace is built according to the mountains, with overlapping buildings, grand and magnificent temple buildings. It is the outstanding representative of Tibetan ancient architecture and the quintessence of Chinese ancient architecture. The main building is divided into two parts, the White House and the red palace. The palace is more than 200 meters high with 13 outer floors and 9 inner floors. In front of potala palace is the potala palace square, which is the highest city square in the world.

Sometimes you suddenly don’t want to work, sometimes you suddenly want to drink, sometimes you want to travel alone, sometimes you want to get married… There are so many thoughts in our heads, but just thinking about them. Maybe we really need some courage, for some sudden ideas to try.