Some people say that the best time to go to Sinkiang is autumn: altay at that time has a golden birch forest, accidentally surprised your eyes;

Some people say, to Sinkiang the best season is winter: at that time hemu village was covered with snow, smoke curling down like snow fairy tale, it took away your heart;

It is said that the best time to go to Sinkiang is spring: then the apricot flower groove is full of pink clouds, a breeze blowing, covered with charming petal rain, it is fascinating…

Sinkiang all the year round is good, Sinkiang summer, is really exciting!

For Sinkiang’s summer is full of pleasant surprises:

If it is may, we will encounter continuous snow mountains and golden grassland.

If it is June, larger than provence lavender will spread all over the mountains, the moment even the air is full of sweet;

If it is July, zhao su’s rape flowers will open a river beach, the moment you just want to throw yourself in the flower field, the cry of the world!

And Sinkiang is the most beautiful in summer, summer is the most beautiful in ili!

If you miss the pure blue sky, white clouds, snow mountains, rape flowers, and the temperature is not more than 25℃, then this July, you should not miss ili zhao su!

The beauty of zhao su is inseparable

Say the most comfortable and pleasing

It was still summer

Because zhaosu grassland is open and the climate is suitable for planting crops such as rape and sunflower, so the endless sunflowers and rape flowers become a beautiful scenery in zhaosu.

On the vast green background, large areas of yellow rape flowers, sunflower flowers inlaid among them, as if the sky painted on a huge painting.

Sunflowers stretch out here

The summer sun is warm and gorgeous

If the golden rape flowers are bright, then the sea of Perilla is psychedelic. July, zhao su ten thousand mu of fragrant Perilla in full bloom, forming a spectacular sea of purple flowers, people relaxed and happy.

It is not lavender, but it has the same magic as lavender, which can open the door to the fairy tale world.

Zhaosu grassland on the rich grass, backed by the snow mountains, the scenery is beautiful, like a colorful oil painting.

Here is the hometown of blood BMW, so walking zhao su, always can see the horse or bow to eat grass, or pentium not.

Zhaosu grassland is also a famous training ground for yili horses. Every summer around July, there will be a grand tianma festival on the grassland. There will be many lively activities and performances, such as the jockey club, equestrian show, folk songs and dances. If you catch up, you can go to watch.

The setting sun does scatter, the horse in that picture, the person on that horse, with bewitched me, enjoying this languid.

“Let us accompany with the world of mortals, live a little drizzly”

“Ride a horse to share the prosperity of the world”

Zhao su ranch, the galloping horse will give you unlimited passion

He galloped on his horse and galloped over the pasture

You will find how great it feels to run freely.

A large historical and cultural landscape on the grassland stone people in Sinkiang grassland. They are either buried in the tomb or guarded in front of the tomb, facing the east, which is the direction of the rising sun and a place where life consciousness and strength can be reawakened.

Standing on the zhaosu grassland of Sinkiang, the 11 stone grassland men, facing the east, are still lifelike after more than 1,000 years.

There is too much history and too much dazzling splendor on the ancient chater road.

Known as a hiking mecca, the shatt trail can be described in one sentence as “body in hell, eyes in heaven.”