Sichuan has more than food and beautiful women

There are not only high mountains and lakes, snow mountains and haizi

And the beauty of the vast grasslands

When the hot summer begins quietly in the city

In some parts of sichuan, spring is just around the corner

The flowers were in full bloom and full of color

What a charming sight

Songpan lavender base

In the beautiful songpan, a large area of lavender has been blooming, this purple flower sea, there is the largest lavender field in sichuan.

Midsummer July, songpan county 3000 acres of lavender on the competition open, into the best viewing period. Because it is in the plateau, the flowering period can last until September.

Xinduqiao Sweet fume valley

On the way from Xinduqiao to tagong, there are thousands of acres of purple flowers here, which is the fragrant valley of xindu bridge.

Western sichuan plain beautiful scenery, here presents a picturesque xanaiyuan scene, large areas of purple, in the blue sky and white clouds set off, it is particularly dazzling, a cluster of purple purple flame, instantly hurt your heart, burn your eyes……

Red haizi

Embedded in the mirror of the island, after the kangding airport on the polymountain, located in mugcuo to ta gong new tourist ring.

Here blue water and blue sky, the water is like a mirror, the snow peak set off in the lake is very charming, wild flowers all over the mountains are open, grass with some uneven length of white, yellow, purple and green wildflowers, like a beautiful carpet spread on the lake, very beautiful!

Casino flowers

Located in dagou village, mingda township, jinchuan county, 26 kilometers away from provincial highway s211 line.

Every year in June to September, here azaleas, irises, asters, larks and so on plateau flowers have been full bloom, blots out the sky, imitated like a gorgeous flower blanket, all kinds of flowers dotted with highland meadow, blue sky and white clouds, the wind mixed with light flowers.

Ruoergai flower lake

Huahu, a natural haizi on the geer dam grassland, has been named the most beautiful wetland in China by national geographic magazine.

In the middle of July, when the flowers are at their peak, luxuriant water grass grows in the flower lake. In this season, countless flowers like lotusgeneral cut their figure in the water. The clear lake water and beautiful flowers are full of a little fresh feeling here. In addition, the lake is also the habitat of many wild birds, and the trestle extends into the lake, where you can see the rippling blue waves and listen to the song of birds, a picturesque scene.

Four girls mountains

The four girls mountains have long been famous, with the highest peak, yao nu, at 6,250 meters, known as the “queen of shu mountain.”

When summer comes, the verdant lawn will be full of small flowers, cattle and sheep leisurely eating grass, like a paradise of beauty and tranquility.


Here has the world’s largest plateau wild flower landscape, known as the “most beautiful plateau flower sea, wetland on the cloud” reputation.

From June, it is the best viewing period for the sea of flowers. All kinds of small flowers, yellow, purple, white, red… Mountains and fields, as far as the eye can see. The flowers here are some unknown wildflowers, but it is they, with multicolored colors, a piece of green dotted with such a beautiful.

Daofu county

Ganzi Tibetan autonomous prefecture of sichuan province, rich in land resources. There are 9,753 acres of rape flowers.

In July, between the mountains, large golden fields scattered, golden everywhere, dark fragrance floating, nearly ten thousand acres of rape in full bloom in the distant sky, and the house and trees perfect integration together, a road like a jade belt through them, let a person shock!


Jiudingshan’s unique scenery is the grassland, snow mountain, primeval forest and Buddha light, mirage, sea of clouds and other natural landscape, earth history landscape, as well as the sky landscape.

From may to October every year, hundreds of thousands of acres of wildflowers at different altitudes bloom successively. Here, the sky is blue and the water is clear. Living in such a place full of wildflowers, it will give people a feeling of returning to nature.

Atqu Valley

The most special thing about the Atqu Valley is that it is summer in July and it still looks like spring.

Thousands of acres of rape flowers began to open, a beautiful spring picture, shocking, thousands of acres of rape flowers distributed in the ancient Tibetan stockade, houses, riverside, fields, green slope, amazing long summer.

Zha Xi Ka Prairie

Zha Xi Ka Prairie is the largest grassland in sichuan province. Zha Xi Ka is another Tibetan name for shiqu, meaning “yarlung riverfront”. It also has another name — sun tribe.

Every year from June to September is the most beautiful season of grassland. In Zha Xi Ka Prairie, you will be deeply touched by its magnificent and unpolished natural beauty. Its primitive, pure, vast and distant nature has a deep charm of great beauty without words. Grassland water and grass rich, wild flowers everywhere, the little tent, cattle and sheep groups, even the wind on the grassland with a intoxicating breath.

You can’t miss sichuan in summer

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