There is a group of “star-worshipers” just waiting for the annual geminid meteor shower in December, but this year, from the evening of December 13 to the early morning of December 14, refresh circle of friends drove to panzhihua, sichuan plateau to wait for the rare meteor shower.

On the evening of May 13, the romantic geminid meteor shower showed up with its tail in the sky. Those who followed the meteor stayed up all night just to have a romantic date with the meteor.

Yesterday night in mount emei jinding, panzhihua south sichuan observatory, xindu bridge, baalang mountain pass, zimei pass on the western sichuan plateau, there were a lot of people wrapped up tightly “chasing stars”. The friends circle of small series was also loved by refresh meteor shower.

Missed the geminids meteors, annual to perennial life work in our city, even seldom see stars, that most like small make up without interest, but small make up star favorite sichuan-tibet plateau, 365 days a year 350 days is all over the sky stars, not letter, please look down ☟ ☟

The starry sky in daocheng yading

Stars in sedarvath college

Stars in basong cuo

The starry sky of potala palace

Namtso, Tibet’s sacred lake

The starry sky over yamdrok lake in Tibet

Braved the cold meteor shower, set foot on the most beautiful landscape road chuanzang line, encounter the most beautiful scenery along the way, the most beautiful stars, an unforgettable memory trip!