Yamdrok Lake, one of the three holy lakes in Tibet

Along the winding mountain road has been climbing, across the altitude of 5,030 meters of the gangba pass, when a clear lake quietly presented in front of me, I still can not suppress the joy in my heart, the magic yamdrok, I finally came to your side. Cloud filled Lake, Yamdrok Lake like shy girl, in a thin cloud in the looming.

Wind is very big, Yamdrok Lake, the Lake is quiet, Yamdrok Lake in Tibet shannan waves clamp county, about 70 kilometers south-west of Lhasa, and wood processing, beside the harmony measures and said the three holy lakes in Tibet, is also a lot of people in the south will come to place, here is one of the largest inland Lake effect in the Himalayas, beautiful Yamdrok Lake just unveiled, and hurried to block your face with the call of the clouds. From the sun to the pouring rain, rapid change, but I have taken my heart like the appearance, or feel satisfied.

Lake of tibetans, white walls scattered small red-tiled house in luxuriant green, with the beauty of fairy tale hut, Yamdrok Lake Lake, 4441 meters above sea level, I stood in the observation deck 4999 meters above sea level, tibetans living here is like the land of the original, they are already accustomed to such a high altitude life, lived here, guarded the hearts of this piece of pure land.

Photographs and I in sunny Yamdrok Lake, the photo of the frames in clearing the blue smile, winding winding mountain roads and at less than marginal behind blue, will always be in my dreams, in YangHu distribution of 21 island, independently of the water, the world’s highest pumped storage power station – YangHu also here, didn’t personally see, because time is of the trip a little regret.

The fairyland in heaven, the sheep zhuo in the world. Yangzhuo lake is reputed to be the most beautiful water in the world. It is only when we walk through the winding mountain road and stand by the lake that we feel deeply. Yangzhuo lake is regarded by tibetans as a “turquoise eardrop scattered by a goddess”, because you cannot see the full view of yangzhuo from any Angle.