In addition to the majestic siguniang mountain, sichuan king gongga mountain, emei mountain, jiuzhaigou, huanglong scenic spots, what else? You may not have thought of, in the altitude of 3000 meters above the plateau area and into a piece of lavender flower sea, far look at a kind of overwhelming, lianshan connect the feeling of clouds, tourists can not help but sigh: “too beautiful, don’t want to leave”!

This place is called sacred flower sea, located in chuanzhu temple, songpan county, aba prefecture, sichuan province. The flower sea covers an area of 3,300 mu and lasts from mid-june to October.

This is not a well-known tourist area, nor has there been large-scale publicity, many tourists do not know, because we changed the itinerary to find here, is a surprise.

The sea of flowers is surrounded by majestic and continuous mountains. The slopes below the clouds are covered by grass, and the seemingly boundless sea of lavender flowers foil each other, creating a visual illusion.

The lavender here is growing well, many of them are half a person tall. See lavender, excited is the women of the same profession, they early prepared clothes suitable for photography, show their ten thousand kinds of amorous feelings. It’s easy to look fresh in a sea of lavender flowers, and even men can’t resist their narcissism.

In front of the beautiful scenery, everyone fell.

The wooden boardwalk leads us forward, and various gazebo pavilions are dotted in the middle of the boardwalk, which is a place to rest and a perfect place to take photos, whether dressed in fashion or ancient costume.

In huahili, the best photos are not taken by young people, but by groups of dama over 50 years old. Each of them has a silk scarf and can change numerous expressions within a minute.

In the past in a lot of theme parks have seen lavender flower sea, but like the holy land flower sea size so grand and set off by the plateau mountains is very rare.

Because of the altitude, the lavender flowering period of the holy land flower sea is several months later than that of the plain, and the flowering period is also the most comfortable season on the plateau, which is neither too hot nor too cold.