Some people say that Tibet is a kind of disease. If you don’t treat it, it will break out again and again. It is this disease, let us block out the secular voice, let us put aside the shackles of the city, let us blurred unable to extricate themselves, let us linger reluctant to leave.

Every year from may, Tibet enters its best season for tourism, which lasts until October in the golden autumn.

Looking ahead, all over the mountains and fields of rape, will be empty snow plateau rendering into a golden. Add in the shallow green grass and the majestic mountains, and you’re sure to lose yourself. We can make up for the absence of wuyuan in Tibet.

White clouds such as cotton catkin, sky blue like the sea, tall and majestic mountains, still bare body, stretching and standing proudly.

There are no jiangnan flowers like brocade in Tibet, no trees and flowers growing crazily, no cicadas singing shrilly. All the dull and noisy city, in xizang into a refreshing cool.

Miss linzhi peach blossom, regret!

In the southwest of China’s territory, there is such a place, she does not need to deliberately carve, every year before and after the spring equinox, all the peach blossom seems to open overnight, in the snow mountains, whirling willow, niyang river, barley seedlings set off, the United States to the extreme.

Yes, nyingchi!

Linzhi peach blossom, there is a kind of wild beauty, unbridled spread in front of the house, snow mountain foot. This kind of beauty cannot help but want to let a person close, the old Tibetan amah that passes under the peach blossom tree, beautiful girl, naughty child…

In nyingchi, need not walk into the scenic area full of people, as long as through the hinterland of nyingchi, the peach blossom on both sides of the road make your eyes blurred, heart drunk.

The food in Tibet. This is a stock

Have seen on the tongue of China must know matsutake precious, thick aroma is the biggest temptation to taste buds.

Bake all pig

With special sauce on the fire constantly turn over the roast, fat oil constantly overflow, huang liang jiao nen fragrant pork with a cup of qingke wine, a word, cool!

Potatoes steamed stuffed bun

It is necessary to taste authentic Tibetan potatoes in Tibet. Because of the long sunshine time in the plateau and the large temperature difference between day and night, potatoes have high starch content and taste sweet and beautiful.


Although some people drink how many times but still can not get used to, but have to say, some people feel like it, cold time can drive out the cold; You can get sick of eating meat; When you are hungry, you can satisfy your hunger. You can clear your head when you are tired.


How can you miss yak yogurt in Lhasa? Yak yogurt in Lhasa looks a bit like tofu. Yak yogurt taste is very primitive, one word: acid! But when honey is added, or sprinkled with sugar, the sensation on the tip of the tongue becomes very interesting.

Yak meat

Yak meat is ten times more delicious than ordinary beef, but the taste of yak meat gives people an aftertaste.