One of the most popular yogurt shops is the Yak yogurt shop

The famous yogurt shops in Lhasa are mostly tourists. There are lots of fun decorations and stickers on the walls. It is definitely a paradise for young people. Yogurt is thicker, more delicate particles, more acidic in the mouth, a little “hidden taste”, although raisin and fruit look good, but in fact, the taste of the most acceptable by mainland tourists, or honey yogurt.

The most secret yogurt

Old tree and just as it happens in front of that “hundred years old willow” about, tree crown such as top super big umbrella, how many blocked the line of sight that leads to storefront, also brought a kind of quiet feeling accordingly.

Place is clockwise turn bajiao street outside jokhang temple, turn to a tree, you can see this shop, inside six small tables, layout is very Tibetan characteristics, yak skull, Tibetan ornaments, the wall is the sign of tourists from all over the wall.

The variety of yogurt flavors and the delicate serving are also part of its appeal. Like ice cream yogurt, ice cream is homemade, it has nuts inside, and it tastes good with yogurt. Ramble tired to take the quiet shop to sit here, by the way, taste this rich Tibetan flavor of yogurt.

Bean jelly, the most popular snack

The people in line are wordless advertisements. They taste good. Everything was cheap, with snacks costing a few yuan, and it didn’t cost much to finish the menu. No, it was too late and a lot of things were gone.

Cold bean jelly tender mild spicy, taste very good; Potato chips soft and fragrant, a bite of jelly cake, you will find that the cake is covered with a layer of jelly, novel combination. Recommended!!!