When you travel in a city, a scenic spot, what you see will make you happy or shocked. Standing there, you will follow these scenes and objects, thoughts drift into the second space and time.

At this point, I do not want to introduce the flood of artificial attractions, crowded tourist attractions. What I’d like to share with you is Bald mountain, a viewing platform with unobimpeded views of gongga mountain.

Gongga mountain is located in the south of kangding county, sichuan province, is the main peak of the great snow mountain. Around there are more than 6,000 meters above sea level of 45 peaks, the main peak stands on top of the peak, 7,556 meters above sea level. 6,000 meters higher than the dadu river on its east side, it is called the “king of shu mountain”.

Gongga mountain as a high altitude technical peak, far more difficult than Everest. It is one of the top ten most beautiful mountains in China by national geographic because it stands out from other mountains.

Bald mountain is located in the Erlang mountain range, tianquan county, ya ‘an city, sichuan province, with an elevation of 3,578 meters. Belong to undeveloped scenic area, mountain road is more dangerous. Travelers who need a certain amount of stamina and endurance go.

Bald mountain is one of the many viewing platforms in ya ‘an that offer views of the gongga snow mountain. But here is no four people with the north scenery, no loss of hongyan top of the qingyouxiu, no loss of Erlang mountain ancient trees and wildflowers.

Here’s a look at Bald mountain’s unique landscape:

No less than the sunrise of the sea of clouds

Bald mountain is about the same elevation as niubei mountain, but closer to gongga snow mountain, where the sunrise is just as spectacular.

The glow reflected not only the clouds on the horizon, but also gongga snow mountain in the distance.

As the sun rose, the mountains, which had been hidden by the sea of clouds, became clear from the mist.

Large and fantastic cloud sea, is another intoxicating dream of Bald mountain. When the sun rises from the east, the water vapor rises or the fog does not disappear after the rain, and the sea of clouds gradually forms.

Such as waves undulating sea of clouds, a roll a layer, to the end of the day rolling away, qiqiuwanhe are covered in the cloud waves, standing among them, like place oneself in the clouds island.

The sea of sunrise clouds here is more charming than the niubei mountain. See the white clouds diffused between the mountains, a hill, calm in the curl of the mist, like the myth of the clouds around the tiangong.

It takes about 5 hours to reach the top of the mountain. The sea of clouds is endless in front of you. Clouds and clouds rise along the river valley and overflow from the mountains on both sides, forming a spectacular cloud waterfall.

Snow mountains, Buddha light, rainbow, sunset everything, mountains surrounded by distinct layers. Because the journey than cattle back mountain and four people with a short, viewing time relatively more and popular.

The shape of the sea of clouds varies, and it is beautiful from all angles. Playing brother suggested that we have the opportunity to personally come here to experience a turn.

Closer to gongga, the view is wider

Compared with niubei mountain, mountain climbing is easier and safer, but it has the same 360° view, with more spectacular snow mountains, bigger cloud waterfalls and richer vegetation.

Compared with niubei mountain, niubei mountain has a superior geographical position, rich landscape layers, wider vision, and a spectacular sea of clouds.

As the morning sun rose, it gilded everything on the horizon. It was as if time stood still!

Perfect location for the Milky Way

Bald mountain is just as beautiful as the stars above the mountain. Instead of waiting for a vigil, set aside some time before sunrise at 4 or 5 a.m.

The stars are more beautiful here. Day or night, there are always unexpected sights.

At night, this mirror of the sky reflects the stars in the sky, and no words can describe the breathtaking scenery before us.

A dreamlike landscape of mountains and snow

Autumn and winter season, Bald mountain into another quiet graceful temperament. Blue sky to the mountains with a light blue, cold mountain rising thin smoke, cohesion does not spread.

If encountered snow, Bald mountain grass and trees, all hung crystal frost, mountain wind blowing, silver flashing.

The creak of the ice-covered grass was a novelty that excited southern children for a long time.

The snow is fantastic here. Everywhere is snow-clad, white world, let you suddenly place yourself in a pure white fairy tale world.

In addition to snow, must also concave ha modeling. The little friends could not help but stop to clap when they saw the snow. Little did they know that you were taking pictures on the road and the people who saw the beautiful scenery were taking pictures of you.

Unfrequented primitive scenery

The scenery here is beautiful and magnificent. So far few people, only local grazing people walking on the mountainside

So on that part of the hike, you can see cattle and sheep roaming freely, sometimes stopping to stare, sometimes lowering their heads to graze, and then swinging their tails. No one wants to break the undisturbed silence.

On the way to climb the mountain, you will meet the cedar forest and meadow, the trees are green, the meadow is golden, occasionally you will see through the local women, leisurely walking cattle and sheep, tall horses, only personally, you can realize the vitality here.

The animals are cuter here. Natural environment is good, all kinds of small animals are indispensable, in this area has not been developed often encounter many lovely wild animals.

You can see the cattle and sheep leisurely and breezily, sometimes stopping to stare, sometimes lowering their heads to graze, and then swinging their tails. No one wants to break the undisturbed silence.

Azaleas in full bloom

Compared with niubei mountain, Bald mountain itself, with its dense vegetation at the top, is more beautiful and attractive all year round.

May – June is the best time to view azaleas. Large areas of wild cuckoos, in full bloom in the valley, cliff, by the constant cloud around, mountains and fields, also flowers and dreams.

The flowers are more beautiful here. Every may or June, rhododendrons bloom in clusters on the hilltops.

Smell the fragrance of cuckoo flowers, close your eyes and take a deep breath, everything is so wonderful ~

Bald mountain. All four belong to the same mountain. Bald mountain is the shadow, located in ya ‘an tianquan county; Four people are Yang, luding jurisdiction; About 30 minutes from Bald mountain, you can reach the viewing platform with four people. One mountain and two peaks offer panoramic views of different views.

From Bald mountain down, straight to the county seat. Tianquan county is a quiet and peaceful, clean and fresh city, where you can taste local specialties — chilli salad with chicken, tianquan Lao spicy meat, tianquan vegetarian stir-fried chicken tail, tianquan radish stewed ribs.