Tibet is rich in ancient cultural relics and ancient books, as well as border tourist routes. Both the scenery of the original forest, and have a pleasant grassland; It has great waterfalls, ancient books and ancient temples.


Zanda means “where there is grass downstream” in Tibetan. Zanda county is located in the west of Tibet autonomous region, bordering India himachal pradesh in the west, punjab in the south, Kashmir in the north, Ritu and kar-ar counties in the north and northeast, and Pulan county in the east. It is the border county with the least population in China. Seen from a distance at noon, the whole earth is like a kind of earth art carved out of god’s uncanny workmanship without interruption. The fortified fortress is like a medieval castle, solemn and magnificent like a temple, magnificent and towering like a stupa of stupa, so that every traveler who is in the scene can freely exert their infinite imagination.


Ritu, which means “house on the horn” in Tibetan, is China’s westernmost territory. Ritu is the “place surrounded by lakes” in ali sanwai, and the Ritu12km away is one of the most famous and longest rift valley lakes in the world. The beauty of bangongcuo lies in its unique shape and its primitive ecology. Tibetan bangong means “swan with long neck” and Indian means “bright and narrow lake”.


Luozha, which means “southern grand canyon” in Tibetan. As one of the four border counties in shannan, Tibet, Luozha county borders Bhutan in the south. Standing on the top of a central hill, the red-walled and gold-topped kajiu temple stands out from the rest of the world, with a vast background of rich, rich colors.


Pulan is one of the three major ports of entry and exit in Tibet. Many nepalese and indians pass through it every day. The pulans of today regard themselves as descendants of the princes of lausanne, just as the kangba take pride in their fellow countrymen of king gesar.

Looking far away at the maguntso and rauntso, the ghost lake, they look like gangrinpoche’s two eyes and two teardrops. On the outside there is not much difference between the two lakes, but what is magical is that maguntso is a fresh water lake and rauntso is a salt water lake.


Gillon, in Tibetan, means a comfortable, happy land of happiness. Xigaze is a border county on the china-nepal border in xigaze, Tibet. Gillon’s village, houses scattered, colorful, very lovely. Here is the paradise of photography lovers, they are here to swim on the grass, see the snow mountains, enjoy the sunset…


Zhangmu is more international city than Hong Kong, because it is hidden in the mountains but still noisy and prosperous, some people say it is more than chongqing shancheng shancheng, because it lies in the mountains, with the waterfall hanging in the clouds, layers more distinct. Zhangmu is a border crossing between Tibet and Nepal, which is the destination of many Chinese traveling in the mainland, and also the starting point of many Chinese traveling abroad.