When you mention the name of Siguniang Mountain, first of all, do you think of the king of Lushan, the paradise of the hikers or the beauty of summer and autumn? The winter that can be wrapped in silver has subverted your vision!

Under the blue sky, the branches are all ice sculptures, and the golden autumn is less, adding another charm, and there is a classical elegance!

Although it is deep winter, but the four seasons are dreamy blue sky and white clouds, the fluttering prayers, this is also the most attractive place on the Sichuan-Tibet Plateau, pure away from the pollution of the blue sky and white clouds!

In the Siguniang Mountain in the western Sichuan Plateau, there is a rough slash in the north, and there is also a small and exquisite in the south. I unconsciously like the winter of Siguniang Mountain.

The winter of Siguniang Mountain, like the season of poetry, waits for the flowers to bloom in the heart, the clouds are very thin, the handsome peaks are covered with a layer of snow, and the clouds around the mountains are like a picturesque scenery!

Once the clear and beautiful lake surface, it has already formed a thin layer of ice. The sun illuminates the lake surface and reflects the silver light. The winter of Siguniang Mountain is a new height!

Stepping on the snow, the blue sky above the head, the dry tree stalls are particularly dazzling against the snow-capped mountains, hiking in the beauty of the winter, feeling the beauty of the western Sichuan Plateau

In the winter of Siguniang Mountain, there is a waterfall that condenses into ice, there is a steady stream of water, and the snow-capped mountains that never look tired. This is the winter of Siguniang Mountain. Do you like this kind of beauty?