Autumn November, is the most colorful season in western sichuan, is also the most beautiful season in the whole western sichuan, is also the best season for the appreciation of red leaves, when it comes to the red leaves landscape, the reflection into the mind should be miyaro red leaves scenic spot, the most representative red leaves viewing place in western sichuan.

Miyaluo red leaf scenic area is the most famous red leaf scenic area in western sichuan, more than 180 times bigger than xiangshan red leaf scenic area in Beijing, every year from late October to November, the whole scenic area is covered by the red color, exposure to the sea of fire, in the sun, every leaf glows!

In miyaro scenic area, of course, there is no need to take photos, the morning sunshine and afternoon sunshine is the most suitable for taking photos, the light is relatively soft, the contrast between light and dark and the shadow is relatively small, the Tibetan and qiang minority customs in the scenic area, snow mountain silver peak, rich in a variety of mineral hot spring gulou, make the whole scenic area more color.

Three thousand three hundred channels, three thousand three hundred beams, gully have red leaves, gully have melting snow, gully have springs. Snow mountains, hot springs, forests, red leaves, Tibetan and qiang culture, constitute a red corridor. Autumn season, gorgeous colors and blue sky, white clouds, mountains, rivers constitute a golden autumn picture scroll.

Miyaro is located in sichuan ganzi and qiang autonomous prefecture li county, located in the middle of jiuzhaigou and huanglong scenic area, if you have enough time to enjoy the world of huanglong yao pool, the section has not been affected, if you want to use the weekend time to visit miyaro scenic area, it is recommended to charter a car to go, free time.

Day 1: chengdu – wenchuan – taoping qiangzhai – li county

Admission strategy: 60 yuan/person; Miaro 30 yuan/person; Bipenggou 80 yuan/person, sightseeing bus 60 yuan/person

With a happy mood, we set off along the duwen expressway to reach the maze-like taoping qiang village, which is the most complete “living fossil” of qiang architectural culture and art in the world.

The second day: county – miyaluo – bi peng ditch – chengdu

Visit miyaro red leaf scenic spot, walking scenic spot to watch the red maple leaf, bipeng ditch and miyaro red leaf adjacent, bipeng ditch the best ecological tourism sightseeing place, qifeng, glacier, red leaf is the best ecological tourism sightseeing area, return to chengdu, beautiful rest for a night, welcome to work on Monday!

Bi tent ditch, bibeng is November, milk ditch, Hong Kong and western sichuan red leaves the best place on the circle, and DaoChengYa butyl, danba beauties valley is the best place to watch the color forest, western sichuan xindu bridge, sichuan-tibet highway is the perfect place to golden poplars, four girls mountain, DaoChengYa butyl, the child may pass is the most beautiful snow-capped mountains in western sichuan snow-capped mountains, a feast of western sichuan is autumn last November.