The continuous development of economy not only brings convenience to people’s life, but also brings a lot of pressure. In order to release the pressure, young people prefer to stimulate entertainment projects and make themselves addicted while they are young. Usually, there is no other entertainment except shopping, enjoying beautiful scenery and tasting snacks. Influenced by self-driving travel, more people pursue free and exciting travel in sichuan and Tibet. Want to secure

Tibet line is a plateau area, thin air explosion, there are a lot of matters needing attention, if you want to go to these places road trip, the best about a few friends together on the road, after all, the road ahead is difficult and dangerous, who also can not expect the accident and tomorrow, which come first. What are the three things you can’t borrow on a road trip? Many times in and out of the sichuan-tibet line of the old driver, with personal experience to tell you which hidden tricks, do a sensible sichuan-tibet road trip followers.

Number one: water. Water is the source of life. No matter where you are, you can’t lend your water to others. The environment on the sichuan-tibet railway is severe, and it is quite difficult to buy water. Only when sufficient water is prepared before departure can we reach the destination safely. An old driver once had such a problem, because he did not bring enough water for his first road trip to the sichuan-tibet railway, and it took him a long time to buy water. Novice drivers should be aware of the problem of preparing water. Go out outside, average person won’t borrow water source outside.

Number two: emergency lighting, such as flashlights. During the road trip along the sichuan-tibet line, many extreme situations may be encountered. The old driver suggested that: prepare more light sources, such as flashlights and other emergency light sources, which can provide convenience when the temperature difference between day and night is big and you are deeply lost in the night. Go out, only to solve all the problems before departure, is a wise choice. Some novice drivers feel they can’t use the light during the day and lend it to others. Just realizing that a little light at night can make a big difference.

Number three: tents, sleeping bags do not borrow. Experienced old driver: self-driving travel had better not sleep in the car, to put their own safety in the first place. The temperature difference between day and night on the sichuan-tibet line is large, so tents and sleeping bags should be prepared in advance to ensure normal rest at night. If you’re kind enough to lend, you’ll only get cold. Water is scarce along the way. It is normal not to bathe or wash your face. It is not easy to lend your sleeping bag to others and leave a bad smell. I believe that you listen to the old driver’s explanation of the trick, understand the sichuan-tibet line can not outside the three things. It’s about your safety and your life.