There are many interesting places in sichuan, but in addition to famous mountains and great rivers such as chengdu, jiuzhaigou, emei mountain and daocheng yading, the beauty of grasslands under snowy mountains has never been found in sichuan.

Compared with hulunbeier, the grassland in sichuan has a unique flavor. The grassland here has a very detailed sense of hierarchy.

From the lofty snow-capped mountains, to the quiet forests, and the endless meadows where flowers bloom, and the highland lakes that reflect them all.

Wait 15 days and they’ll all be in full blast mode,

Don’t miss it this year.

Bamei Grassland

Bamei is 450 kilometers away from chengdu, and it is the secret area of ganzi Tibetan area. There are not many perennial tourists, and it maintains the traditional pure and original state. It has both natural and cultural landscape, which is suitable for deep outdoor leisure experience.

Early summer, the blue sky and white clouds, yuke grassland, longdeng grassland on the new green grass, blooming like brocade, everywhere in full bloom with a variety of fresh drop flower.

King Gesar was still at the war site, princess statue stands, looking affectionately at this land of water and grass, grass long warmingbirds, wind grass low see cattle and sheep.

Green as wash grassland, quiet small villages, curling smoke, the golden sun temple, everything is beautiful beyond words, but also very peaceful.

HongYuan grassland

HongYuan on grassland has a present the baihe winding its way through the s-shaped, so also known as the moon grassland

Distant mountains such as dai, bei white cattle and sheep like pearls sprinkled on the yellow-green grassland, thick clouds are very low, the sun through the clouds, scattered under the beam of light

The grassland here is very flat, endless, clean road to the sky, the car is less, quiet years good.

Zaxika Grassland

If you want to feel like the prairie of Inner Mongolia, come to Zaxika. It is the largest grassland in sichuan province, because of the distance, but few people set foot on it.

Zaxika Grassland is the largest Grassland in sichuan, 4200 meters above sea level. It is most beautiful from June to September every year.

If viewed from a height, the grassland looks like a huge palette, free and easy to match colors, with nature. The breeze, the waves surging, let a person intoxicated.

In addition to the grassland of Zaxika, the stone town here is worth a look. It is one of the most magnificent mani piles in Tibetan history.

Atuntso lake, half green and half blue, reflects the green mountains on one side and the blue sky on the other.


Manzatang is the main part of ruoergai wetland, with an average altitude of about 3400 meters and a vast grassland

Every spring, the sea of flowers and grass carpet here is very beautiful, rich grass grass, deep blue sky, everywhere fluttering melodious pastoral… It’s like a wildlife paradise with the most beautiful views.

The dragon lantern grassland

The dragon The lantern grassland is a King Gesar in grassland, above this piece of green space has many heroic legend.

Giant triangular prayer flags hang across the mountainside, the symbol of the dragon lantern grassland. At the foot of the mountain is the famous rangu temple, where you can see the largest Buddha in Tibet.

Tagong Grassland

About 6 hours can arrive gathering of Tagong Grassland, must be from chengdu recent prairie. In this pure grassland, you can encounter unique scenery such as muyajin pagoda, tagongsi and yala snow mountain.

There are no mountains and fields, only grassland with waves blowing in the wind, where cattle and sheep are moving back and forth. The chanting of temples makes people feel peaceful and peaceful.

Early morning dew morning, scattered in the grassland tents rising smoke curl, always wafts to bursts of milk, bursts of Shouting and melodious pastoral, let your heart a second to get a long time ago quiet.

When the weather is good, the yala snow mountain behind the tagong temple is very magnificent.

It is said that more than 100 kilograms of gold were used in the construction of the golden pagoda.

Maoya Grassland

Maoya Grassland salt pond county, west of the county is known as China’s most beautiful one of the six most beautiful Grassland, the mountains, lush Grassland, such as the sea.

In the summer under the blue sky, at will on the hillside on a roll, can provoke the fragrance of flowers.

There are not too many tourists, as if the whole world is quiet waiting for your arrival. The sky is high and the grass is broad, the wind blows the grass low, just sitting quietly on the hillside can stay all day.

Jade grassland

Flowers and Jade grassland was known as the “plateau”, snow-capped mountains, trees, haizi, grasslands, streams, known as “kangba altay”

Jade on the grassland dotted with a few orange plateau lake as a mirror, there are some of the well-preserved ancient stone carving, broad plains between the cloth with lush trees, there are several pleasant spring, here is like a natural picture scroll.