In winter, when it snows, walk on the street, do you also imagine countless qiongyao plot in your mind? Do you still remember the classic lines of crape myrtle kang in return pearl princess: “you look at the snow look at the stars look at the moon, from poetry to philosophy of life…… I didn’t even watch the snow with you, the stars and the moon, from poetry to philosophy of life.

Look at the snow with your lover look at the stars look at the moon, this is how romantic it is, in the winter of Tibet, you can also see the sky, flying snow, you do not doubt that the winter of Tibet is not worth going to, it has so many reasons enough to let you come!

Reason 1: enjoy the sun

Tibet is the closest place to the sky and enjoys the special blessing of the sun, with an annual sunshine of more than 3,000 hours. Winter in Tibet can make you feel, different from other parts of the sun, the daytime temperature here is higher than Beijing average 5 ~ 10℃, the sun is so strong and fierce, let the average altitude of 4000 meters above the snow plateau warm. Both in the holy city of Lhasa and in northern Tibet grassland or in one from naqu xigaze, both in the birthplace of Tibetan culture south and in a Tibetan small jiangnan said the nyingchi, warm sunshine always followed in the footsteps of you, in the warm sunshine, you will automatically relax and enjoy the gift of nature will wipe out your impression of brutal cold and wet in winter.

Reason 2: solitude

In winter, Tibet is more colorful, snow mountains more charming, lakes more blue, glaciers more crystal, rivers more clear. The genial warm sun will be vast qinghai-tibet plateau, illuminate the mountains are mountains, water is water, trees are trees, grass is grass, not a bit of paste, not a bit hazy. To make a man quiet is to make him mad. Quiet suitable for people in a daze, located in the sun, close to see people coming and going, living beings; Overlooking the mountains, valley extension; Looking at the clouds, even an instant change; “This has the true meaning, wants to argue has forgotten the speech”, lets the human find the return nature the feeling.

Reason 3: feeling happiness

What is happiness? Happiness is peace of mind. In winter, people who have been busy for a whole year come to the holy city from all directions. They turn the scriptures with their hands, chant the six words of truth, and turn the scriptures again and again. They go back and forth in the major temples and oratory, adding butter and prolonging their heads. In an environment of freedom and freedom of worship, the pilgrim’s leisurely steps and serene expressions tell the world of happiness and show the joy of change.

Reason 4: enjoy leisure

In busy season, Tibet tourism often need to make an appointment in advance, crowded, especially the potala palace, sometimes also for several days in advance booking tickets, and ticket price is not cheap, but is different in the winter, less people, basically do not need to line up, make an appointment on the same day in the day to visit, the most important thing is that, for free! A winter trip to Tibet is a great deal to save time and money.

Reason 5: enjoy the best

In summer and autumn, the world’s highest peak — mount Everest, the most beautiful mountain in China — nangabawa and other snow mountains are shrouded in mystery and rarely seen by tourists, while winter is completely exposed. You can enjoy the pleasure of taking photos with the ultimate beauty. In winter, the rivers in Tibet are limpid and elegant, and the lakes are blue and beautiful. Only in winter can we see the glacial lakes and blue ice, such as jasper belt and sapphire inlaid in the plateau, which are more poetic and less turbulent in the past.

Reason 6: harmonious heaven

Winter in Tibet gives people the impression of freezing and freezing, but in fact, Tibet is a paradise for birds in winter. From Siberia, the black-headed gulls fly to Sri Lanka, and live by the dragon king’s pool, the Lhasa river and the yarlung zangbo river. They naturally enjoy the food provided by people, scattered in the crowd, close at hand, perfect harmony between human and nature. At the same time, wild animals such as black-necked cranes, spotted geese, Tibetan wild donkeys and Tibetan antelopes gallop freely on the snowy plateau and have close contact with people. In winter, Tibet is also a paradise for photographing wild animals.

Reason 7: hide rhyme to be full

In winter, the “Tibetan New Year” is the focus of various folk festivals and cultural activities, such as simmering plants, saichema, hanging prayer flags, eating ancient outbursts, wearing new Tibetan costumes, and having a real New Year in the Tibetan family.

So many reasons still cannot let you move, come to experience winter chic Tibet quickly!