Food strategy

Come to gannan treasure land, in addition to see the scenery and pilgrimage, how can the figure of less food it. Especially recommend the following delicious food, all is the conscience after the experience recommended oh.

NO.1 ma cheng tiger grasp food city

This shop is the most satisfied with the grasp of mutton, there is no mutton smell, fat and thin, eat in the mouth joy in the heart, remember to match with salt and pepper, and then a garlic, a dip sauce lamb a slightly spicy garlic, finally to a three bubble stage, simply delicious, it is really cool.

Address: 31 meters south of no. 10, 1st floor, renying building, cooperative meteorological bureau

NO.2 hotel nobeseo

To gannan, Tibetan food is a must experience. We had many Tibetan meals in gannan, and this family is the most popular one. Recommend the following dishes: first, anduo Fried rice, this Fried rice mixed with vermicelli, meat, chili and other materials, eat into also want to eat a second, third… Soon, a bowl has been eaten. Second, Lhasa shredded radish Fried beef, this dish with shredded radish Fried beef super praise, with oil cake roll to eat, blink on the light dish. Third, salad auspicious rice, there are rice, yogurt, raisins, apples, eat sour sweet, like the taste of love.

Of course, there are some that are pretty but not very tasty, such as lamb chops, which are hard to bite. In addition, “dao shi he” is also carefully chosen, which is a very special local dish, but really no luck. This is with morels wrapped mutton, morels is equivalent to the pressure cooker, such as the inside of the meat cooked up much, need a knife cut discouraged morels slowly, and then reveal the mutton, meat already cut into small pieces, meat and black stones, under which have knowledge greatly, this dish is to use hot stones heated braised…

It is really a long knowledge ah, before the nomads on the grassland did not have so many cooking utensils, they use sheep’s stomach as a pot, stone as fuel to make this dish…… Actually taste, but did not expect delicious, or hard feeling. This dish is time-consuming and requires two hours’ advance reservation with the hotel. The price is not cheap, nearly 400 yuan. In my opinion, it is a dish that we will regret if we don’t order and regret if we eat it.

Add: no. 252, ya ge tang, labrang temple, xiahe

NO.3 zhanbo flower zhenrui home

The owner of the Tibetan hotpot, yak soup steak pot looks very appetizing. I still recommend potato to burn small row comparatively, the meat on the spareribs melts in one’s mouth immediately, ate aftertaste endless; Baler, similar to beef patties, with crispy skin and a taste of both beef and cake. Moreover is eight treasures tea, a cup of tea at the same time distributed raisins, red dates, longan, lemon and other eight flavors, the richness of the taste is incredible.

Address: zaxi qi street and customs pedestrian street intersection 150 meters southeast

Accommodation strategy

Although gannan has not become a popular destination, the accommodation conditions are quite mature, from qinglv to star-rated hotels everywhere, abundant and thrifty by jun.

In xiahe county, I stay in BMW hotel, which is Tibetan style. The downstairs public area can be used for office. The advantage is adjacent to labrang temple, to the temple is very close to walk a few minutes.

In cooperation city, stay in hai lian hotel, live or quite comfortable, remember to eat breakfast, love shape zanba is really delicious. In addition, the traffic here is very convenient, go to shambhala square to see thousands of guzhuang dance is very close, go out to walk three or five minutes; It was very near to the grand theatre, still three or five minutes; Take a taxi to mirajiba ninth floor buddhist pavilion, which is about 10 minutes.

In langmu temple town, stay in the Tibetan inn in langmu temple town, which is a Tibetan style guesthouse, a little like kang, but its disadvantage is still small room space, and its advantage is its proximity to langmu temple.

In lu qu county, the taoheyuan hotel, may be the most satisfactory hotel. Large space, there is a pleasant garden, full of green plants, buffet breakfast in this send out fragrance in the garden to enjoy. It is worth mentioning that do not miss the bag of milk here, forgive me for drinking two bags…

Before strategy

About clothes: gannan is in the plateau, the weather is changeable, it is normal to feel the four seasons in one day. It is recommended to bring down jacket, long Johns, hat, gloves, thermos cup, umbrella, raincoat. Additional, ultraviolet ray is strong here, dark glasses, bask in bask in the measure such as sparge to bask in to also want to accomplish.

On altitude: none of the places I visited was above 4,000 meters. I am an old Tibet, so there is no high anti, if you are the first time to enter Tibetan areas, and a little worried about the words, it is recommended to bring sugar powder, headache medicine, a week in advance to take rhodiola rosea oral solution…… However, in my experience, keeping a good attitude is the key.

Tickets for strategy

Labrang temple 40 yuan; 20 yuan for gongtang pagoda; 20 yuan for the nine-storey buddhist pavilion in mira riba; Saiji temple 40 yuan; Geerdi temple 40 yuan. (many of the main halls of saiji and gedi have their own opening hours, and it is normal if the doors are locked. Ask the monks in the temple for details. In addition, aerial photography is forbidden here, so don’t take any chances, or it will be troublesome to be caught by monks.


Turn the mountain, turn the water, turn the pagoda, turn the corridor and so on related to Tibetan Buddhism, remember to turn clockwise. Bon teaches the opposite, counterclockwise.

In Tibetan areas, there are sacred mountains and lakes. When going to a mountain pass, there is usually a wind horse flag and one should never step on it.

Some sacred mountains are forbidden to women. Women should pay more attention to them.

Come to the lake, do not wash your hands in the lake, spit, throw things into the irreverent behavior.

Entering the temple hall, no photos are allowed, hats and sunglasses are allowed.

Don’t wear fur or hats made of animal hair, which is frowned upon in gannan. Once, there was a habit of carrying fur here, but the living Buddha appealed to everyone to protect animals. Since then, few products with real fur and skins have been seen here in gannan.

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