Day3: gangjia bajiao ancient city – dalzong lake scenic area

Bajiao ancient city was built in the han dynasty, with a total length of 2,193.4 meters and a height of 6-13 meters. Like other cities, the basic form of bajiao ancient city is to dig trenches outside, build castles inside and draw water to protect the city. Unfortunately, the moat has long since dried up, replaced by a bed of green grass.

Bajiao ancient city is more than 30 kilometers away from xiahe county city. At present, only chartered buses or self-driving cars are available in the past, but now it has been cancelled. Starting from xiahe county, we drove for more than 30 kilometers along the grassy ganga grassland. When the towering darigar mountain in the distance was getting closer and closer, the legendary bajiao ancient city also showed its true features little by little.

From the air, this is the city hidden in the mountains, in the shape of a hollow cross. In ancient China, most cities are square, and the hollow cross is extremely rare. Fewer than 500 people now live here, and tibetans make up the majority, who know little Chinese. It takes about an hour or more to go round the old city wall. Listen to local people say, there are also nearby white stone cliff cave, you can go to see.

Dalzong lake is a plateau barrier lake, about 20 kilometers away from the town of lapuling. Local people regard dalzong lake as the holy lake under the sacred mountain, and they often go to the lake to worship incense and pray, burn mulberry plants and chant scriptures, and throw grain offerings to the lake to pray for peace.

Here I met a group of round marmots who were not afraid of people, but ran after them as long as you had food. I was holding a cucumber, not ready, was the ball a grab in the past, three five in addition to two on the gnaw a bare, I was dumbstruck.

Day4: cooperation city mira riba nine layers of buddhist pavilion – meiren grassland – biba show clothing – dunhuang big dream

Mirajiba buddhist pavilion a total of nine floors, into the hall before you need to take off your shoes, the temperature inside the hall is very cold, from the first floor to the “nine”, the whole body can be pinched out of water. For those who come to worship, this is just a small practice, cold is the body, warm is the soul.

It is said that the nine floors are actually eight floors, and the ceiling of the eight floors is painted with exquisite mandala, which is the ninth floor of the legend, suggesting that all living beings should remember that there is always heaven and earth, and always keep a humble attitude. Knock the key, come here to certainly put on thick socks, two pairs of three pairs all too much, moreover put on thick coat, bare feet inside really super super cold, the lesson of blood!

Meizhen grassland is a unique alpine meadow grassland landform on the qinghai-tibet plateau. All the way from here, it is not only the vast expanse of sky and wild grass, but also the sight of cattle and sheep. Standing on the observation deck, you can clearly see what the meadow looks like. There is a handsome white horse in the meadow.

At first the prairie was clear, but soon it was windy and dark. Therefore, I suggest you to take a thick coat and a thermos cup with you. After all, in the highland area, you should avoid catching cold.

Come back from meizhen grassland, not yet dinner point, listen to a friend said there is a Tibetan dress show, hurried to watch. This show is called biba show, which is a local fashion show of Tibetan people in gannan, aiming to be an international platform for ethnic minorities. A stylish man or woman wearing fashionable or traditional Tibetan clothes is walking towards you on the catwalk, which is quite shocking. Tibetan culture is rich and colorful, clothing culture is one of the highlights, fashion way to inherit the local culture, is really a very good idea.

After dinner, idle is also boring, hotel entrance is the grand theater, that day there is “dunhuang desert” performance, simply to gather a lively. This is a dunhuang as the background of the four ACTS of dance drama, the plot is to see the beginning can guess the end of the cliched tragedy of love, although the plot did not surprise me, but was thoroughly solid acting fans! Men and women master a twinkle, a cry a anger, all drive me! Follow their rhythm, as if he also experienced a heart-wrenching separation of life and death!

Day5: cooperative city – langmusi town

The road to langmu temple is a beautiful road, I wish I had thousands of hands and eyes to collect all the great beauty. The distance is the high cold snow mountain group, near the point is in the blue sky under the white clouds spread wantonly grassland. The dark yaks pick and choose on the grassland, the lovely sheep in the sun, the elegant horse in the leisurely walk, the cold eagle from time to time over the peak… What a picture of “the vast expanse of sky and wild grass wind low see cattle and sheep”.

For many years, there has been a misunderstanding of the langmu temple. In fact, langmu temple refers to the place name rather than the name of the temple. It includes the town of langmu temple under the jurisdiction of luqu county of gannan Tibetan autonomous prefecture and the village of langmu temple under the jurisdiction of ruoergai county in sichuan province.

A less than two meters wide stream through the town, don’t look at this stream, famous very, known as “bailong river.” Take bailong river as the boundary, jiangbei is “andoda canglang musaiji temple” in luqu county, gansu province, referred to as saiji temple. Jiangnan is sichuan ruoergai county “andoda canglang muerdi temple”, referred to as the geerdi temple, both belong to the gelug sect of Tibetan Buddhism temples…

One river picks two provinces, which is a spectacle! What is more wonderful is that there is also a mosque of hui nationality in the middle. You display your big Buddha and I worship in my worship. Although they have different beliefs, their sincerity and piety are the same.

Day6: langmu temple town – gahai lake – gaxiu village

It was raining heavily and we set out for gahai lake. This lake is the largest fresh water lake in gannan and an important wetland in the east of the qinghai-tibet plateau.

Unfortunately, came here, the scenic area door locked, can only see a piece of autumn grass yellow. Simply go forward again, can also be near the lake, the rainy garhai lake although there is no sunny day outstanding, but also do not have a lasting appeal. If you are a bird hunter, remember to bring your long coke. Many rare birds, such as black-necked cranes, gray cranes and swans, will set down and breed here.

Gaxiu village is located in the hinterland of luqu grassland and national highway 213 line. From the nomadic life of being homeless and wandering in the wind and rain to the new tourism village, the new Tibetan dwellings have sprung up, and the neat cement village roads wind away…… Nowadays, the garxiu village has taken the travel express train, and many families are contracted to do the corresponding tasks, such as catering at home, homecoming at home and so on.

Day7: luqu county – lanzhou (return)

In a word, compared with the high wei Tibet, kangba entry is not easy, gannan or commendable. Before I went, gannan was like a dream, always around me; After leaving, gannan is still a dream, a dream I don’t want to wake up.