When traveling to Tibet, there are many Tibetan specialties that can be purchased. It seems that everything is fresh and I want to buy anything. So dazzling Tibetan specialties, then what exactly is suitable for family and friends as a hand letter? Here are some of the Tibetan specialties as a hand letter.

1. Turning cylinder

The texture of the prayer cone is generally silver, copper and wood. A shaft column with a handle is inserted between the shafts of a cylinder. A small ear is placed on the side of the cylinder, and a pendant is attached to the ear so that the handle can be manually The centrifugal force is used to rotate the warp tube. Usually, the six-character mantra of Tibetan Buddhism is engraved on the prayer tube. The tube is also filled with scriptures. The beautifully-made prayer wheel is also set with pebbles such as coral stone, turquoise and agate. The transferee thinks that these stones will bring good luck to them in addition to decoration. The devout people believe that as the prayer wheel rotates round and round, their merits are accumulating bit by bit. They believe that the happiness of the afterlife is accumulated in the cultivation of the life.

Seven big hand gifts that must be bought in Tibet

2. Tibetan incense

Tibetan scent is generally made of dozens of precious Tibetan medicines and herbs such as saffron, Tibetan Mastiff, clove, sandalwood, borneol, angelica, black scent, snow lotus, agarwood, and sweet pine, and the processing is purely handmade. The natural medicinal properties of the drug are retained. This also makes the role of Tibetan incense to the extreme.

Seven big hand gifts that must be bought in Tibet

3. Tibetan carpet

Tibetan carpets are mainly antique blankets, Tibetan carpets and Persian carpets, and Turkish carpets are called the world’s three famous carpets. The carpet weaving in Tibet is unique, the color is bright and harmonious, the carpet surface is soft and delicate, the washing does not fade, it does not lint, and it is durable. In addition, its rich ethnic color pattern makes it have a high appreciation value, which is called exquisite craftsmanship and beautiful appearance. Tibetan carpets are most famous for their Jiangyu carpets.

Seven big hand gifts that must be bought in Tibet

4. Dzi Beads

Tianzhu, also known as “Eye of the Eyes”, is mainly produced in Tibet, Tibet, Bhutan, Sikkim, Latakh and other Himalayas. It is a rare gem. The Dzi Bead is a nine-eyed stone shale containing jade and agate ingredients. It is one of the seven secret treasures of Tibet. The history book is recorded as “Nine Eyes Dzi Beads”. Tibetans still believe that the Dzi Bead is a descending stone. The Tibetan language of Tianzhu is pronounced “Siyi”, which is the meaning of goodness, virtue and wealth.

Seven big hand gifts that must be bought in Tibet

5. Cordyceps sinensis

Cordyceps sinensis is mainly produced in Naqu and Changdu, Tibet. It is a traditional nourishing Chinese herbal medicine with various functions such as regulating immune system function, anti-tumor and anti-fatigue.

Seven big hand gifts that must be bought in Tibet

6. Saffron

Saffron is a very expensive Tibetan medicine, which is very popular among female friends. Saffron can be used for women’s beauty care, and it is also very effective for the prevention and care of the elderly. Saffron has other medicinal effects, such as anti-tumor, hepatobiliary and kidney health care effects. Due to the shortage of saffron medicine and the high price, some unscrupulous drug dealers often use fake and real, shoddy, and there are many fake products on the market. Pay attention to identification when purchasing.

Seven big hand gifts that must be bought in Tibet

7. Snow Lotus

Snow Lotus Tibetan is called Chaguo Suba, a perennial herb of the family Asteraceae. It is not only a rare flower and grass, but also a world-famous rare Tibetan medicine.