Suddenly like a spring breeze

Thousand trees, pears, flowers

Damei Jinchuan

Big beautiful pear flower

Jinchuan County

Want to know Jinchuan’s pear flower, start with understanding Jinchuan…

It is the “Sichuan Xiaojiangnan” on the northwestern Sichuan Plateau, which is comparable to the peach blossoms in the Nyingchi region. If you drive the Sichuan-Tibet line without passing through Jinchuan County, it is a pity and a lack of travel tips.

Geographically, it is located in the southwestern part of the Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture in Sichuan Province, in the upper reaches of the Dadu River, and in the four directions of southeast and northwest, connecting Xiaojin County, Ganzi Daofu County, Litang County, and Arkang State Government Maerkang County.

If you take the Sichuan-Tibet line from Chengdu by car, you can choose the Sichuan-Tibet Northern Line (the top blue line), you can enjoy the Jinhua’s pear flower, and you can also extend the tour to the “China’s most beautiful country” – Danba Jiaju Tibetan Village.

Jinchuan pear flower

Flowering forecast: It blooms around March 20 every year. The prosperous period is around March 25, which is the best flower viewing period. For photography enthusiasts, it is recommended to pay attention to the local flowering information at any time to avoid missing the best shooting time.

Chuan Zangjun went to Jinchuan at the end of March last year. It should be passing by accurately. Because of the tight schedule, I have not done any Raiders. I only know that there are pears there. I didn’t expect it to be so huge. It’s really a million acres of pear blossoms. Ten thousand acres of pear sea…

From the photo, you can intuitively touch it!

Hawthorn, mist, smoke

Pear, pear, pear

Tibetan villages, terraces, river valleys

In Jinchuan, in addition to enjoying pear flowers, eating Sydney and swimming red leaves is also a good travel experience! The local Tibetans have a mantra like this: March pear pear April, eating Sydney harvest, October to visit the red leaves, and another year pear season.

Enjoy the most beautiful pear flower

Jinchuan River Valley

Coordinates: Depart from Malkang, the capital of Aba Prefecture, drive on National Highway 317, enter the Baiwan Tunnel, and switch to Provincial Highway 211. From here, you can encounter the pear garden.

The advantage of self-driving tour is to stop and go, because the pears on this section are more open on both sides of the road, or halfway up the mountain, it is necessary to park photos. Of course, there are also many farm pear gardens on the roadside, you can enter for free.

On both sides of the Dadu River, there are more than 100 miles stretched out, and the number is huge to more than 100,000. In the season accompanied by the spring breeze, the weather here is mostly sunny, with gorgeous costumes, beautiful photos of the group, travel The meaning is just that.

Shaer Township

Coordinates: Southeast of Jinchuan County, Aba Prefecture, Sichuan Province, 4.7 km from Jinchuan County Government. Driving on Provincial Road 211, passing through Qingning Township and Luoer Township, you can reach Shaer Township.

“Sunshine and Bright Land” is the title given to it by Tibetan compatriots. The promotional photos provided by the Jinchuan County Tourism Bureau include traces of Sha’er Township, such as the huge 10,000-acre pear garden, the Shenxian Fortress at sunrise, and so on…

In the Shaer Township, the four colors of white-brown maroon are very high. They represent pear, wheat, terraced and Tibetan villages.

Whenever the morning fog is misty

Earth smoke

The blockbuster in the spring breeze is quietly coming

If you want to take a panoramic film of Sha’er Township, it is not enough to have a “bull head”. When conditions permit, it is recommended to bring a drone and fly straight to the sky to shoot a set of 360-degree shocking blockbusters.

Jinchuan cuisine

In the Jinchuan area, Sichuan cuisine is the most common, and many of them are doing business from Chengdu in the past. However, as a foodie, Chuan Zangjun, how can local food breaks!

Farmhouse old bacon

wild fungi

Native chicken

Wild vegetables


Jinchuan Accommodation

Accommodation in Jinchuan is relatively convenient. As long as it is not a tourist season, it is generally possible to book a room on the same day. At present, it seems that Jinchuan County has a large number of friends, accommodation, transportation, shopping and other aspects can meet the basic needs.

Of course, if you want to experience more primitive local customs, the farmer’s pear garden in Sha’er Township is also a good reference. Compared with the accommodation conditions in the county, there will definitely be a certain gap.

Mandarin duck quilt into double night

One tree pear flower

Jinchuan pear flower

Waiting for you to see