Was fortunate enough to set foot on the great beauty of Tibet;

This life is lucky, floating to Tibet’s border – county, the 16th dalai lama, the world’s most beautiful lover Tsangyang Gyatso hometown.

Perhaps there is a kind of feeling, is beautiful, precisely because it is incomplete and incomplete, like Tsangyang Gyatso melancholy and unattainable love, also like his pen very beautiful poetry.

You see me, or not, I will be there, neither sad nor happy. You miss me or not, love is there, not to go. You love me, or I love me, and love is there. You with or not with me, my hand in your hand, not abandon. Come into my arms, or dwell in my heart, silence, love, silence, joy

I live in the potala palace, the largest snow wang. Wandering in the streets of Lhasa, I am the most beautiful lover in the world.

That night, I listened to a night of chanting, not for enlightenment, just to find a breath of you

Had considered sentimental damage brahma, into the mountain and fear don’t fall. The world is safe and sound, not live up to you

Your name is dawa zhuoma, I once had a chance to go to her hometown, qiongjie county, shannan city, Tibet, a small town with beautiful mountains and rivers, and many tibetans talked about her, they all said that dawa zhuoma is the most beautiful woman in Tibet. I guess, in the hearts of all the Tibetan people, there lives the most beautiful zhuoma.

Hoarna county, there is also a most beautiful “zhuoma” ——- yong cuo, the Tibetan language means the front of the lake, located in the north of the county 20 kilometers, the total area of 58.33 square kilometers, when you pay a visit to the sheep lake quiet mystery, when you face the cold mountain wind standing on the top of the mountain overlooking the ghost lake laoncuo, when you along the highway free and easy to move forward. You should know, this straight highland road, is the only way to the heart of the blue bible; And at the end of the road, the azure of the yong lake awaits you in profound silence.

There are many lakes in hoarra county, and the one with the richest and most famous name is riyong lake. It is like a blue sky mirror, with an altitude of 4900 meters, snow mountains and blue sky reflected in it. It is often unclear whether the blue sky reflects the lake or the lake reflects the blue sky.

In winter, ice will form on the lake of naghi lake, which can be up to ten centimeters thick. There is a small island in the middle of the lake, and it is said that there is a cave on the island where 4-5 people can rest. The lake is surrounded by the famous Himalayan mountains, so the nagi yong lake brings together the blue sky, white clouds, sacred mountains and sacred lakes, presenting a magnificent picture of the plateau.

Quiet lake, it seems to tell Tsangyang Gyatso’s beautiful love.