Seda buddhist college, the real place for buddhist travel! Here is the heaven of buddhist practice!

Seda Buddha college under the blue sky

Maroon huts are everywhere

The mountain slopes are dotted with monks’ houses

The cabin was small and low

Only meditation and sleep

The houses stood shoulder to shoulder

Only narrow paths connect

Cold in winter and hot in summer

The conditions of practice are tough

On the faces of the meditators passing by

But a calm smile

Sedarvath college is a paradise for practitioners

Imagine taking a bus in seda

What kind of scene is it

Seda buddhist college is a real place for buddhist travel

It is the largest buddhist college in the world and even in Tibetan areas

The college has perfect accommodation and is close to the county

More tourists choose seda than ya qing temple

Altar city is the tallest building of the buddhist college

See the whole panorama here

It is a place of prayer and prayer

Like a devout yogi

Turn the dial clockwise

Feel the strong faith in Tibetan areas

Buddhist color of

A world of hidden red

A mystical buddhist kingdom that purifies the soul

Look up at sertha and listen to the voice of Buddha

Whether you’ve been to seda or not

The Buddha can make people calm down

The magenta buildings stretch for miles

It’s like being in a sea of red