In the winter of Seda Buddha College, this is a practice, but it is a kind of romance in the eyes of tourists!

cold winter

HARD environment

Simple facilities

Winter colors

The little redwood house after snowing is so beautiful.

Silver frost against the red cabin

Tourists look at the romantic scenery

For those who practice

That is a time to face adversity

Is an opportunity for practice

Seda Buddha College is not deserted at all

Staged a feast of red and white

The intersection of blush and pure white

Everything seems to be quiet

The warm light of faith is accompanied by the practitioner

Listen to the lonely and pious heart

The beauty of the Buddha’s country makes tourists obsessed

Some sad but lamented the power of faith

This is a long and hard way to practice.

The winter of Seda does not always have a pure white snow scene.

During the snowfall in the evening, the sunshine will melt quickly.

Want to see the snow scene of Buddha dust also needs fate

a few kilometers of stacked shacks

The densely packed cabins are surrounded by the halls.

The passerby’s face is more quiet.

This is a world without a worldly world.

Deep in the soul, a pure land that never disappears

Buddhist college in winter

Not deserted or lively

It is a hot Buddha country all year round.

Real Buddha tourist destination