For most people, Tibet is just a tourist resort, but for most photography enthusiasts and some writers, Tibet is indeed a sacred and mysterious place, which hides many secrets and has many unsolved mysteries. Of course, it is because of these mysterious colors that Tibet becomes more attractive and fascinating.

The Potala Palace

The Potala Palace is located on the red mountain in the center of Lhasa, Tibet autonomous region. It is a landmark building of Lhasa. Many people visit Lhasa and visit the Potala Palace. After thousands of years, the Potala Palace is still in good condition. There are gold pagoda, exquisite sports altar city, porcelain, gold and silver bronze ware, Buddha statue, pagoda, thangka, clothing and other cultural relics inside the Palace. It has become a real treasure of cultural relics, attracting the attention of people all over the world and being praised as “the pearl on the roof of the world”.

The Potala Palace stands under the blue sky and white clouds, but hides its secrets even deeper. There are countless rooms in the Potala Palace. It’s true that the Potala Palace has many rooms, but because of its unique architecture, no one knows how many rooms it has until now. Some experts have also counted the rooms. The Potala Palace itself has a complicated structure, and due to the continuous renovation in the later period, there has never been a definite number of rooms.

Guge kingdom

Everyone who has been to Guge will be impressed by the scale, grandeur and scientific layout of the Guge kingdom ruins. The Guge kingdom is now surrounded by many earthen forests, far and near. The old castle with its broken walls and the earthen forest below make it difficult to tell what is a castle and what is a earthen forest. However, it can still be seen that the whole castle is built in more than 300 meters high loess slope, according to the potential stacked, magnificent momentum.

In guge today, only a dozen families stand guard over the ruins of an empty city, and they are not descendants of guge. How did a hundred thousand guge disappear without a trace on that day? What kind of natural disaster or plague made the ancient civilization of guge suddenly disappear? A handful of historical documents, incomplete and contradictory, have not only failed to lift the kingdom’s veil, but have added to its mystique. The ancient guge, like a huge maze, locks up many secrets of western Tibet.


As the highest peak of the Himalayas, Qomolangma attracts outdoor enthusiasts with its majestic height. Even today, although climbing mount Everest is no longer a difficult task, there are still many anecdotes and mysteries circulating in people’s mouth on the top of mount Everest.

In the above 5000 meters of ice and snow, there will be mountains like fire like color, can if tongyun, red if danxia, as beautiful as roses, and like blood as red silk strange snow. In the past, the snow was covered with a red coat, colorful, amazing to the world, is also listed as one of the mysteries of Qomolangma. The yeti is also said to be a mysterious creature between humans and apes. It is said to be huge, with red hair and a top, and covered in long, grayish-yellow fur. It is sometimes gentle, sometimes fierce, with the power to control everything; It moves quickly and moves freely in different Spaces, leaving mysterious aura wherever it goes… There are many mysteries on Everest that are hard to explain, but Qomolangma’s height changes over time as tectonic plates move. Interestingly, although Qomolangma is the highest mountain in the world, its peak is not the farthest point from the center of the earth. This particular spot belongs to the chimborazo mountains of South America. Qomolangma’s towering image has been making a huge impact both locally and internationally.

Basum Lake

Basum Lake is located in the deep valley of high gorge in bahe town, gongbujiangda county, nyingchi city. It is a scenic spot integrating snow mountains, lakes, forests, waterfalls and pastures, cultural relics and historic sites, and ancient temples. Looking across the bank of the Lake, the island is also full of green trees, echoing with the green Lake. A floating bridge with a width of about two meters connects the island to the shore. However, looking down from the mountain, zhaxi island is like a gem set in the Basum Lake, giving the whole Basum Lake an aura at the moment.

However, legend zhaxi island is “hollow island”, that is, the island is not connected with the bottom of the lake and floating on the lake, standing on the bridge, feel the bridge slightly shaking, there is really the illusion that the whole island is floating on the lake. Although be a legend only, let a person feel however ululus is magical, to the island also might as well try stomp foot in some place of the island, see whether to have hollow feeling.

Tibet, the closest place to the sky, is far more mysterious than these, although many events have not yet been a detailed analysis, but it has become the reason for many travelers to flock to.