In the western sichuan plateau

There is a mysterious and beautiful place

Magnificent snow-capped mountains, vast meadows

Colorful forests and clear blue sea

All the most beautiful things in the snow plateau converge here

This is the legendary shambhala

The last piece of pure land on the blue planet

— daocheng yading

The car was on a winding mountain road

Head for the end of the blue sky

The clouds outside seemed to be within reach

The sun shone brightly on the earth.

It leads us to a new world

Chonggu temple is to three sacred mountains

Xian nai day, central maiyong, xia nuodoji must pass

It is also the starting point of the Tibetan mountain turning ceremony.

There are many old legends

From the chonggu temple to the pearl sea,

Finally unveiled the fairy nai day snow mountain mystery veil

When I pass through your world,

The road you have travelled will never live up to you,

Let you be in hell, let your eyes be in heaven,

Despite the high inversion,

But the body and mind are released little by little under this sacred mountain

Walking for hours, turning a corner,

To hear someone exclaim,

Pearl lake (zhuomalatuo) suddenly appeared in front of us,

Green green lake, xian nai day snow mountain reflected in it

In this lonely fairyland,

Nature’s extraordinary workmanship is here to spare no effort to splash

Her beauty needs no words to describe,

Only to really walk into her and listen to her,

Understand her people, can understand

The village of Aden in the early morning.

See the holy golden dome,

In fact, everyone has his own holy golden roof in his heart,

Sometimes it is hidden by the clouds of worldly desires,

Lost, only in this pure land,

To get back to basics.

The rising sun shone on sennaga peak

Half of the hillside is covered with light,

Half covered with golden light,

So serene and sacred

This is the fairyland in the dream

The second day of my stay in yading village was a long trip.

Walking milk sea, colorless sea,

At an altitude of more than 4,000, where there is little oxygen in the highlands,

Endure a high headache, carry a day’s water, food,

And the camera, hike more than ten kilometers

I don’t know what kind of persistence,

Let us toil and travel,

They walked into Tibetan areas again and again

In the mountains and forests, desert wilderness

To look for a landscape called “poetry and distance”.

Or one of our grandparents came from there,

Our blood is still flowing a kind of sentimentality,

Drive every time our mind and body come back naturally

Along the way there are some unknown haizi,

Snow melts and waterfalls flow

The five-color sea is a famous sacred lake in Tibetan areas.

Between sennaga and yonmyong,

With an altitude of 4600 meters, it is the highest lake in Aden.

It is said to “relive history and predict the future”.

Can I see my past life here?

At 4,600, climbing a 60-degree slope,

Every breath is a torment, over a ridge,

See the five colors of the sea lying quietly in the snow between the mountains,

The beauty of grandeur shocks the eye in an instant.

It’s like we’re on another planet.

The moment I saw you,

Think all the hard work is worth it

Into the sea of five colors, the lake is clear,

In the sunlight

Different colors

It’s turning a rich, pale blue

Such as a static and spectacular heavy color oil painting

Milk sea in the col of yonmyong snow mountain,

Scalloped, with blue water in the middle,

Surrounded by a milky white ring,

This milky white is the name of the milk sea.

For thousands of years, in this inaccessible plateau

The ancient glacial lake is so beautiful,

Leave a glimpse of the people you see.

In fact, the relationship between beauty and people,

Is not a passing moment,

Is not untouchable far away,

Is a dialogue with mountains, rivers, lakes and seas,

It’s a conversation with yourself.

In the middle of nowhere, look inside,

In the river of life,

Take the beauty of the moment as a node,

And then to ordinary life.

Two days before arriving at Aden,

I haven’t eaten anything because of my high headache and vomiting.

While the sea of five colors milk the sea in addition to hiking

Where even the horses could not get on,

I thought I couldn’t make it this time

When I stand on the mountain top of the sea of five colors,

I finally know that when a person really makes up his mind,

All obstacles will make way for you

When you have the heart to conquer,

The hard part is over,

Firm determination, brave road only found

In fact, the victory is not difficult, but their own.

About Aden,

Some say it is the pure land of the heart,

Some say it is the dwelling place of the soul,

Whatever the praise,

Her holiness, amazing

Words can’t describe it