In everyone’s short life

There are always a few places

Know by chance then see inclination

That is Daocheng fading

She is the last pure land on the blue planet

The last shangri-la in the world

She is a fairyland in legend

The world of isolation

People who have never been there

Because of a photo, will be fascinated

Have been to the

Only need a glance, then love never forget

This time, I decided to set out and reach Daocheng fading

All the beauty is in the imagination

But it was unexpected

Enter Daocheng fading

Every view is a picture in memory

As if every step into the footsteps of a reincarnation

Looking for the true meaning of feelings in reincarnation

It’s the most beautiful snow mountain I’ve ever seen

An unparalleled pyramid

MAO mai yong stood proudly under the sky

A meadow of flowers and a babbling brook

Simple and deep sea, holy towering snow peak

There seems to be no more reason to love here

Just one look!

Through your spring, summer, autumn and winter

The charm of spring

In spring, she is the colorful fairy

Clear sky

White puffy clouds in deep blue

The trees are bright and green

A golden sheen in the sun

Summer cool

Daocheng fading in summer

Green grassland, green meadow

Snow-white mountains and clear rivers

Constitute a unique plateau scenery

The city is green

Lush green

Cuckoos also bloom this season

Then slowly all kinds of flowers bloom here

Autumn ribbon

When the short summer has passed

She ushered in the most fascinating and mysterious autumn

The golden birch forest and the red grass beach reflect each other

Vast meadows and clear blue

Haizi is like a continuous scroll, intoxicating

The winter of the static

If the autumn of Aden is colorful

Then Aden must be pure and holy in winter

White snow by gongga – ri song gongbu snow mountain

Spread around

It’s been everywhere

The hills and trees are white

Waterfalls and lakes are pure

Ice on the blue lake varies in temperature between sunrise and sunset

With a wonderful change of pattern

Love Daocheng fading

Driving on such roads

Outside the window was a backsliding landscape

It’s like leaving the world behind little by little

Ahead is the end of the world

Milk sea: the emerald of the sacred mountain

Between the blue sky, white clouds and snowy mountains

A sea of blue and green

Like a piece of jade left in the world

Sea of pearls: a sacred lake surrounded by sacred mountains

A sea of pearls, level as a mirror

In the arms of the senai day mountain appears particularly sacred

The pearl lake sparkled in the sunlight

The reflection of sacred mountain and lakeside

In a lake of pure pearls

It was as if there was another world under the water

Sennaga: a sacred mountain where wishes can be fulfilled

It means “avalokitesvara” in Tibetan.

It is the head of the three sacred mountains

Legend has it that it took only three pilgrimages to the mountain

You can do what you want

The scenery along the way is a fairyland

Snow mountains, glacial lakes, rocks, plateau grassland

Every inch under your feet is a marvel of the divine providence of the creator

Yang maiyong: demure and pure girl

It’s different from coquitlam

Yang maiyong is more like a girl

Demure and elegant, standing quietly

There he gazed at the pure land beneath his feet

Sanodogi: a young man of manly spirit

Glacier, strange stone is one of the highlights of the summer

Peak forest rocks, patchwork

People can not help feeling that nature’s workmanship

Sea of colors: a patterned lake

Legends play back history

Predict the future “sea of five colors

In the light of the sun

The bright lake water looks like a green flower

When the clouds cover the sun

She will be reserved and shy

When the clouds cleared

She will shine with endless charm and radiance

Lourdes cattle farm: the concentration of beauty in Aden

If Daocheng fading is on the earth

The last piece of pure land

Naluo velvet cattle farm is the pure land of the pure land

The cows and sheep enjoy the sunshine and green grass in peace

In the distance, moving clouds and quiet snow-capped mountains could be seen

Red grass: touching beauty

It was called “the rouge left by the fairies.”

The color of fire

This is a rare beauty

Without the gap of grass, the water will be blue sky and white clouds

All the distant mountains into my arms

Red grass beach to add more colorful color block


Release from the burdens of life

Forget all the mistakes and discomforts

In Daocheng fading, everything is unhurried

From man to animal, there is an easy quality

Occasionally magpie can be seen in front of the house, stream

Flying and leaping on the grass

Occasionally, tibetans can be seen rushing

Yaks walk on the road

He was calm and relaxed

Click the shutter at random, and you’ll see it later

That is the most real landscape

As if it could only appear in a dream

Finally one day, I will come to its feet

See the inlaid golden highland barley fields between the green mountains and the clear water

Tears in my eyes!