Most web celebrity restaurant — makye ame Western food

Per capita: 72 yuan

Because of the name of cangyang gyatso, almost everyone who goes to Lhasa will feel it. Order a cup of butter tea to see the barkhor street downstairs, breathe the fresh air look at the blue sky, feel the local customs.

Butter tea, to Tibet most people are the first time to try, basically said drink not used to, but it has the advantage of being able to adapt to high anti. The stone roast yak tastes a bit like iron plate. It’s international in taste and small in quantity. Collector’s vegetable rolls, taste ok, nothing too special. The restaurant is really famous, but the taste is good and the price is expensive.

Popular restaurant — Aa Marthe DE

Per capita: 40-60 yuan

Aa Marthe DE means “ni hao” in Nepali. There are two of them. One is near the square of jokhang temple.

His house is a very distinctive Nepali restaurant, which combines Nepali food, Indian food and Tibetan food. It is cheap and good in quality, and the taste is excellent. The curry taste is very rich, and many local people often eat here.

The girls here order everything in English, too. When you eat, don’t think about how much better dianping ranks first, eat with a normal heart, or very good drop.

Eating here is exotic and makes you think: ah, I’m really in Tibet. However, it is full at 8 PM, so we suggest you choose a later or earlier time.

The hottest restaurant — land of snow

Per capita: 50 yuan

The famous restaurant, right next to qiongtian teahouse in guanggang, is also easy to find. Similar to namathad, there are Tibetan food, nepalese food, Indian food and western food. The environment is very good, two floors, after the new decoration feel great, it is said that foreigners prefer to come.

The lowest-key restaurant — Lhasa kitchen

Per capita: 45 yuan

The restaurant is opposite the jokhang temple. Just go up to enter a passageway the light may be a little dark, don’t worry, go in to discover a hidden world. It is also a popular restaurant for foreigners.

Taste or good, the price is not too high, the store layout is good. The shop assistants speak English better than Chinese and have a good service attitude.

The most characteristic sweet tea house — CangGu temple sweet tea house

Canggu temple teahouse is Lhasa a very special teahouse, is an ANI temple teahouse, all the staff are female ni, they are really in life practice, in the world of mortals, the heart repair silence.

As the teahouse is run by the temple, you can see no smoking and no drinking notices everywhere. Come here to drink tea is more nearby old people, while drinking tea, while turning the wheel, so leisurely!

If you come early, you can still hear the chanting of nuns during their kung fu classes. The temple will also learn Chinese as a group. Nuns get together with their primary school textbooks and read carefully with the teacher, which is very interesting.