Daocheng Aden is not only a noun but also a longing for beauty. One of the most popular attractions in the Aden Tibetan Plateau in Daocheng, Xiao Bian summarizes several major reasons, and may be able to get everyone’s resonance!

1. Undoubted beauty
The beauty of Daocheng Yading seems to be pale. Only the immersive ones can appreciate the beauty of snow mountains, grasslands, blue sky and holy lake. The sights are far more shocking than the pictures.

2. Daocheng Yading close to the view of the snow mountain
The three main lords of Daocheng Yading, Yang Maiyong, are located on the Nunrong cattle farm. The snow water of Xiannai Mountain is replenished with a green pearl sea. The milk sea is located between Yangmai and Xiannai. The blue sky and the holy lake grassland make a background, and the photos taken are beautiful without any modification.

3. Jiuzhaigou Earthquake, Daocheng Aden Tourists
Jiuzhaigou enjoys the reputation of returning to the water. It is expected that the beauty of Jiuzhai will return to our vision again. Daocheng Yading received 78,100 tourists during the National Day Golden Week in 2017. The daily limit of traffic is 16,054, and the maximum flow in 2016 is 8150. people.

4. Daocheng Yading, there are different beauty at any time.
Daocheng Aden, the most beautiful is the golden autumn, the most lush is the summer, the winter Aden blue, brown yellow, Gongga River formed a thin layer of ice, but without losing the elegant beauty of the entire scenic area.

5. I want to see the erosion of the red grassland and golden poplar forest in Daocheng.
In October of each year, the red meadows in Sangdui Town are the most splendid, and the golden poplar forest is very colorful! The red grass that looks like fire is extraordinarily beautiful under the blue sky.

6. Xinduqiao to Daocheng Yading Highway, which is very popular among tourists.
Most tourists are driving from Chengdu by car or car charter to Daocheng Yading, Xinduqiao to Daocheng. This road will cross the Tianzhu 18 bend, the rabbit mountain, the Kazila mountain pass, and the photos taken under the mood of the setting sun are very Pretty.

7. Haizishan ancient glaciers stop to stop
Haizi Mountain is famous for its 1145 large and small seas. Among them, Xingycuo and Sister Lake are the most beautiful two seas. In winter, Xing Yicuo Lake will freeze, and the deep blue clear lake can also walk on it.

8. Bangpu Temple in Daocheng County
The Bangpu Temple in Daocheng County has a history of 973 years. The temple is surrounded by mountains and waters, and the scenery is picturesque. It is transferred to the practitioners to listen to the lessons and experience the Tibetan culture in the Tibetan Plateau.

9. Buttercup prairie, round a grassland dream
The Donkey Prairie is rated as one of the six most beautiful prairie in life by National Geographic. It is a prairie scenery from Xinduqiao to Daocheng Aden. The open grassland can jump and shout.