The middle of the night 23 points

Deep in the Himalayas, it is cold and lonely

By an obscure lake

Xuefeng towering, all things sleeping, hanging upside down the Milky Way

6 a.m.

The stars fade and the sky begins to shine

The reflections of the mountains began to become clear

7 a.m

A ray of dawn dawned

The highest peaks were first lit up

In the lake

A burning gem seemed to rise from the bottom of the lake

It is the highest mountain in the world



The sun’s rays were scattered from top to bottom

Luozi peak, the fourth highest peak in the world, is 8,516 meters above sea level

At 8,485 meters above sea level, makaru is the world’s fifth highest peak

Zhumulang zhuo peak, 7804 meters above sea level

Zhumulanzhuo zhongfeng at an altitude of 7,565 meters

World-class peaks from high to low

Successively undertake zhaohui rain and dew

The few dark nights lie low in the hills

Reluctant to retreat

But can not block the peak race show, all things recovery

At eight o ‘clock

Rizhao jinshan did not last long

The floodgates were opened

The sunlight poured down

The world is wide open

The lake was as clear as a mirror

The lake is called cuo xue renma

Mt. Everest is located about 25 km east slope

It consists of several small adjacent lakes

Different lakes, different angles, different weather

The scene is kaleidoscopic and extremely rich

There are only four known places to see Everest’s reflection

Cuoxue rinma is the most impressive place

What’s more, a lake reflects five peaks, which is the ultimate

Around mount Everest

The ultimate landscape doesn’t stop there

Take the tangxiang camp, also on the east slope of mount Everest

A rare flat topography of the super viewing platform

Photographer zong jingning captured its beauty with a telephoto lens

The blue sky is like a clear and warm jasper

Mountains are like piles of ice cake

Humble human beings can only look up to worship

When we zoom out a little bit

The figure of Everest seems to come from the fairy tale world

Above the clouds such as cotton such as flocculation, also really also unreal

As the top of the world

Mount Everest has an irresistible fascination

It attracts explorers and climbers to climb meter by meter

Ridge after ridge was explored

Its surroundings are easily overlooked

Form a black under the lamp

How many similar wonders are hidden around mount Everest?

The answer may be to count them all

Everest is a huge pyramid

It has three sides: southwest, north and east

That is often called the south slope of Everest, north slope, dongpo

Each side corresponds to a huge glacier and gully

The three ravines extend 30 to 50 kilometers in each direction

It would include a relatively isolated part of the Himalayas

Form a circle centered on mount Everest

Mount Qomolangma landscape group

This is not only the best area for viewing mount Everest from the plane

It also has many amazing landscapes

It includes four of the 14 8,000-meter individual peaks

Seven of the 24 8,000-meter peaks

It can be regarded as the most concentrated area of the world’s extreme scenery

First of all,

Let’s start with the southwest part of the Everest landscape group

Its main body is in Nepal

Under the moist and warm airflow of the Indian Ocean

It is an excellent example of the vertical ecology of the mountain

From the altitude of 1000-2000 meters, the valley floor

The main ridge of the Himalayas at an altitude of 7000 meters above sea level

Because the mountains are dense and the vertical drop is huge

The close observation distance between the traveller and the snow mountain

Dance like a mask

Several superb viewing platforms have been formed in the area

The snow-capped mountains are within reach, and all are impressive

The most famous is just 10 kilometers from mount Everest

Kala Pattar

Mount Qomolangma, luozi peak, nuzi peak and so on

All available in this income field

Mount Everest here

As red as coals

Nuzi west peak here

It’s like a cream of ice cream sprinkled with crushed almonds

A series of miniature lakes formed by glaciers

Brought us more tenderness

Take the moraine lake at the foot of Pumori

Photographer qu zihua took advantage of the occasional gap between the clouds

The most beautiful and artistic reflection of nuzi peak was captured

Like heaven, like white jade

Another famous Lake is Gokyo Lake.

It becomes a jasper when frozen

Down between the mountains

Nepal is an early developer of the Everest region

Villages along the way were lined up and easy to supply

The southwest has long been part of the Everest landscape

The most mature areas

A world-class hiking trail

EBC (Everest base camp, Everest base camp hike)

A series of many essential scenic spots

It attracts tens of thousands of hikers from all over the world every year

Different from the spectacular southwest

The main body is located in the northern part of the qomolangma landscape group in China

It’s much more barren

The Himalayas block much of the water vapor from the south

Here the climate is dry, vegetation sparse, color desolate

The terrain north of mount Everest is vast

It allows us to look at the north face of mount Everest from a greater distance

As the crow flies, the distance between mount Everest and the famous pass in gaia is up to 60km

Makalu peak, luozi peak, Everest, zhuo oyou peak and so on

Four 8000m peaks can be seen

When we got near the foot of the mountain

The north face of mount Everest

No south slope at all

The mountain is magnificent

At sunset the summit of the mountain was crowned with a golden cloud

At that time the wind was so strong that it was difficult for people and animals to travel

Photographer zeng yong gritted his teeth before pressing the camera shutter

A magnificent atmosphere of the golden mount Everest presented in front of us

Because of the drought

The top and base of rongbu glacier on the north slope of Mount Qomolangma are ablation uneven

Forming a spectacular ice forest

Rongbuqu developed from glacial meltwater

Another place to see the reflection of mount Everest

The closer the distance, the bigger the reflection

Compared to the base camp on the south slope, which takes about 10 days on foot

The greatest advantage of the north slope is its accessibility

An Everest highway leads to the north slope base camp

The number of visitors arriving each year

It’s about twice as big as the south slope

The eastern part of the ring Everest landscape group

The main body is also located in China

In three regions

Has the most little-known extreme scenery

It’s also the most primitive

The above mentioned cuoxue renma and tangxiang camps are located here

The most striking feature of the region is the

Huge ravines wind through it

Steam from the Indian Ocean was streaming in

Gully forest vegetation lush, green

The largest gully is up to 440 square kilometers

The mountains are high and the valleys are deep and open

Waterfalls and waterfalls run down

Join rivers to nourish the valley floor

Flowers blossomed along the way

Blooming like a mountain garden

Dozens of alpine lakes dot the landscape

Quiet and deep

Three 8,000-meter peaks stand among them

They include makaru, luzi and Everest

In the garmagou peidang camp

The inaccessible east face of mount Everest is within reach

The huge white mountain is exposed without doubt and without any shelter

At sunrise

Sufficient moisture makes the gully foggy clouds around

Behind the sunshine jinshan

But it was burning like a fire

Little known zhumulang zhuo feng

Like a large bird with wings outspread

Along with mount Everest

It is one of the five – day – old girls in Tibetan legend

The five goddesses swore an oath to the buddhist leader padmasambhava

Protect the people under your feet

The peaks where they lived were named after zhuomu or zhumu

Even the nameless mountains

It was also rocky and mysterious

There are only a few villages in garmagou other than guokou

The trench was completely uninhabited

The pristine environment offers the best experience for hikers

A hiking trail called “east slope of mount Everest”

Almost one of the world’s top lines

It has climbed several snow-capped mountains some 5,000 meters high

Through a glacier full of gravel and sand

See the flowers bloom all over the place

You can see the clouds over the valley in the morning light

A vibrant south slope

The bleak and vigorous north slope

The east slope of primitive savagery

This is the most concentrated area of the world’s extreme scenery

Everest is a once in a lifetime dream

Are you ready to go?