I just went to qinghai lake once.

But I have experienced 10 trips to it

Not necessarily to experience the beautiful mood.

It is often said that qinghai lake is worth visiting in July and August.

Actually, the best qinghai lake has nothing to do with seasons,

Qinghai lake is the most delightful

Is where you will pick up a long – lost heart.

Perhaps the white clouds on the plateau within reach,

Perhaps it is the blue to the enchanted lake,

Or the sea of bright flowers that bloom in the heat of summer,

The straight way to the sky,

Or maybe it’s the bright stars visible to the naked eye…

Going to qinghai lake is a kind of yearning for pure plateau,

A vision of beauty when you meet beauty,

No wonder, cangyang gyatso put the last drop of tears flow here.

I wish I were, you know

In April, I came to qinghai lake for a visit.

Spring always comes late in the highland,

The ice of qinghai lake began to melt in April.

Qinghai lake kaihu is divided into “wukai” and “wenkai”.

“Wu kai” refers to the ice under the influence of wind,

They push against each other, pile up to the lake, and form icebergs.

“Wenkai”, on the other hand, means that as temperatures rise, the ice thins until it melts.

And no matter which way the lake is opened,

Because of the uncertainty of time,

It’s an incredible opportunity.

May, to qinghai lake, and the return of birds, surprise encounter.

The qinghai lake in May is a paradise for birds.

When you look up, you can see the spirit flying in the blue sky — migratory birds

The cliffs of the island are covered with dark cormorants,

Just like a bird’s castle!

In June, visit qinghai lake to see an undisturbed sunrise and starry night.

Camp on the black horse river and wait for the night to come

Encounter a gorgeous night in qinghai lake,

Look at all the stars, too many to count.

And woke up the next morning with the wild flowers by the lake.

Look at the orange sun, slowly rising over the horizon,

Look at the sky, will be blue lake, also dyed orange.

If you have enough time, walk from heimahe township to chaka salt lake,

Look at the most beautiful “reflection” of the sky in the “sky mirror of China”.

Watch another starry night in the night sky.

Of course, it would be best if you came in July

Qinghai lake in July, half blue water, half gold, the United States is not like the world.

Lift your head and kiss the blue sky for a long time.

Raise your hand, touch the white clouds, gentle and delicate,

Feet, golden rape flowers without end

The distant layers of blue, from shallow to deep…

Qinghai lake in July, its beauty, is with life.

Come around qinghai lake in August

Riding or driving,

One must go around qinghai lake in one’s life.

Take a mind-blowing road trip.

Riding on a straight road,

See rape flower field passing in front.

Cycling around the lake west road,

From east to west, from hainan to north,

Remember the line that separates it from the sky and the blue tide that comes to you.

Walking around qinghai lake,

You will find that every side of it is different

There are surprises on every side.

After September, the busiest season in qinghai lake is over

It was quiet again.

At this time, I went to the vicinity of qinghai lake for a walk.

Watch the grass fade green and turn gold,

Or go to fairy godmother’s cove and watch the water plants sway in the waves.

Or, enjoying a quiet “sea” by the qinghai lake.

In this world, there are always some scenery that will never be seen,

How blue the waters of qinghai lake are,

What it’s like to be on the road around qinghai lake,

To personally walk through to know ~

Don’t go to qinghai lake in person

You never know

It was in this world

That there should be such a thrilling beauty