Experience is related to the world you have seen. Those who like to travel have seen more of the world, experienced more human changes in temperature and temperature, and are broad-minded, so they are not penny-pinching.

And never go out to see the world’s people, most easily narrow-minded, they did not experience the peak towering into the clouds of momentum, did not experience the sea of tolerance and grandeur, when the face of flies, often addicted to unable to extricate themselves.

Like traveling people, give people a sense of security.

‘if you want to marry someone, you can travel first,’ Ms. Yu said.

Like the people who travel, he must have had the trials and hardships of the journey, but still do not feel tired, that in life is also a grasp on difficulties, not speaking out of turn to give up.

People who like to travel, know which road is convenient, know what is affordable, and know that some places are only flashy, never waste extra time and money, can reach the place they want to go.

Such person great majority can live very much, suit deep make friends, also suit to take care of a family, because he always gives you enough sense of security.

People who like to travel are in good health.

Like the man who travels, mostly do not smoke and drink, there are no bad habits, he is only intoxicated with the scenery at the moment;

The woman that likes travel, appearance is not easy and senile, the body is full of vigor, even if do not make up do not step on high-heeled shoes to also have a kind of distinctive glamour.

Life lies in sports. People who like to travel know this truth better. They stay away from diseases, embrace nature and seldom feel sad.

Like to travel, kind and optimistic, know how to cherish.

When a person, through a lot of strange cities, but also across a lot of mountains and rivers, will understand the small and precious life.

People who have seen the world with their own eyes are calm in the face of happiness and sorrow, indifferent in mind, not chasing the empty prosperity, and keep an optimistic attitude towards everything in the world.

People who like to travel, sigh over the life of life, old, sick and dead, also witnessed the passage of time, he knows how to cherish the hard-won friends, know how to raise his parents, also know how to cherish all the way to accompany his wife.

If a person likes to travel, his character must not be too bad! Such a person, can rest assured to make friends, but also rest assured to join hands for life.